How Brides Ruined Weddings: Reddit Users Share Their Stories

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions filled with love and celebration. However, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. In a recent thread on Reddit, users shared their stories of how brides managed to ruin their own weddings. From outrageous demands to complete meltdowns, these tales are sure to leave you both shocked and entertained. So sit back, relax, and prepare to dive into the world of wedding disasters.

The Demanding Bridezilla

One user shared a story about a bride who turned into a complete bridezilla. She had a never-ending list of demands, from specific flower arrangements to the exact shade of napkins. The user described how the bride would constantly change her mind and expect everyone to cater to her every whim. It got to the point where the wedding became more about the bride’s ego than the celebration of love.

The Dress Disaster

Another user shared a story about a bride who had a major dress disaster. The bride had ordered a custom-made dress that ended up arriving just a few days before the wedding. To everyone’s horror, the dress was completely different from what the bride had envisioned. It was ill-fitting and made her look nothing like the beautiful bride she had dreamed of being. Despite the disaster, the wedding went on, but the bride’s disappointment was evident throughout the entire day.

The Meltdown

One of the most shocking stories shared was about a bride who had a complete meltdown on her wedding day. Everything seemed to be going well until the reception when the bride suddenly started screaming and crying. She accused her husband of cheating on her and stormed out of the venue, leaving everyone in shock. The wedding quickly turned into chaos, with guests unsure of how to react to the bride’s outburst.

Lessons Learned

These stories serve as a reminder that weddings are not just about the bride. They are about the celebration of love and the coming together of two families. It’s important for brides to remember that the day is not about perfection or fulfilling every desire. Instead, it’s about cherishing the love and support of those around you.


While these stories may seem shocking and extreme, they serve as a reminder that weddings don’t always go according to plan. It’s important to keep perspective and remember what truly matters on the big day. So whether you’re planning your own wedding or attending as a guest, remember to embrace the love and joy that weddings are truly meant to be about.

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions filled with love and celebration. However, sometimes the stress and pressure of planning a wedding can bring out the worst in people. In this article, we will share some outrageous stories of bridezillas and wedding disasters that will make you thankful for your own drama-free nuptials.

The Pregnant Bridesmaid

One bridezilla kicked out her own pregnant bridesmaid because she didn’t want her to look pregnant in the wedding photos. Unfortunately, the pregnant woman later suffered a miscarriage. The bride’s response? “Good, well now you can be back in the wedding.” Talk about heartless!

The Demanding Bride

On a scorching hot day, a bride insisted on dragging her wedding party to a full-sun pond for photos. Her bridesmaids, already exhausted and sweaty, refused to walk in their heels. The bride threw a tantrum, pouting her way through the rest of the photoshoot. Unsurprisingly, the couple divorced just a year later.

Grandma’s Bad Timing

One bride had a meltdown because her grandmother passed away a few hours before her wedding. She was upset because it would throw off the seating arrangements. Talk about prioritizing the wrong things! Not surprisingly, she’s now going through her second divorce.

A Selfish Groom

A groom’s brother went missing just weeks before the wedding. They later discovered he had been found dead. Understandably, the groom was devastated and couldn’t go through with the wedding. The bride’s response? She slapped him and called him selfish. The groom’s friend and the best man left with him, and they are still good friends to this day.

The Hair Drama

As a hairstylist, one wedding client insisted on a “funky” updo. However, when the style didn’t turn out to be what she wanted, she had a meltdown. She called her mother, almost in tears, asking for help. Her mom paid the stylist and dragged her out of the salon. Talk about unnecessary drama!

The Groom’s Alarm

During the ceremony, the groom’s phone alarm went off in his pocket. The bride interrupted the pastor, reached into the groom’s pocket, and complained about the phone going off. She even rolled her eyes during important parts of the ceremony. Not exactly the behavior you’d expect on your big day.

Ruined Wedding Table

A bride who was mean to everyone got what she deserved. Her friends tried to convince the groom to call off the wedding after she lied about a pregnancy. On the day of the wedding, the groomsmen refused to sit beside her, leaving her as the only woman at the table. She stormed off, blaming a young bridesmaid for ruining her day. Drama queen much?

The Sunset Misunderstanding

A bride wanted her beach wedding to have the sun setting over the water. However, she didn’t understand that the sun sets in the west, not over the water on the east coast. Sometimes a little geography lesson is needed!

Last-Minute Replacement

Imagine being a last-minute replacement bridesmaid because the original bridesmaid was sent to prison for child abuse. Not only did the replacement have to find a dress on short notice, but she also had to deal with the pressure of looking completely different from the original bridesmaid. Talk about a stressful situation!

The Bride from Another Country

Flying in for a wedding can be a big commitment. However, one bridesmaid found herself in a nightmare situation. The bride was constantly fighting with her fiancé, neglecting her daughter and pets, and even accusing the bridesmaid of stealing a Pepsi. It’s safe to say that this wedding was far from a fairytale ending.

Weddings are meant to be special and memorable, but these stories show that they can also be filled with drama and chaos. Hopefully, reading about these bridezilla moments will make you appreciate the calmness and simplicity of your own wedding. Remember, love should always be the center of attention on your big day, not the drama!

Planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, but sometimes things take a turn for the worse. In this article, we will share some real-life stories of wedding disasters and bridezillas that will make you appreciate the calm and peaceful weddings you’ve attended. Get ready for tales of chaos, drama, and outrageous behavior!

The Stingy Aunt

Imagine planning your dream wedding and expecting your family’s support, only to be met with resistance. That’s exactly what happened to one Reddit user’s grandfather. After paying for the weddings of all his daughters, his third-time bride aunt demanded a lavish island wedding in the Bahamas. When her father refused, she insulted him and called him stingy. In the end, she had to pay for her own wedding and is now living off divorce settlements. It just goes to show that gratitude can go a long way.

Time Constraints and Career Sacrifices

We all know how important it is to have our loved ones present on our special day. However, sometimes circumstances make it impossible. One Reddit user shared their story of being unable to attend their wife’s sister’s wedding due to work commitments. Despite explaining their situation, they were constantly guilt-tripped and berated by the bride and her mother. In the end, the user missed the wedding, but at least they got to enjoy a delicious pizza!

Motherzilla Takes the Spotlight

Weddings are a time for celebration and happiness, but for some, it becomes an opportunity for drama. One Reddit user’s mother became a “motherzilla” just hours before the wedding. She caused a scene because the reception hall’s table arrangement had been changed. The user couldn’t believe their mother was trying to make the wedding all about herself. It’s a reminder that emotions can run high during weddings, even when they should be joyous occasions.

The Hungry Wedding Crew

Working at a wedding can be exhausting, especially when there’s no food or water provided. A Reddit user shared their experience of setting up for a wedding on a scorching hot day with no relief in sight. Despite promises of lunch and drinks, they were left hungry and thirsty throughout the day. The bride even complained about the noise they made when unloading tables. It’s a cautionary tale about the importance of considering your vendors’ needs.

When Guests Became the Uninvited

Picture this: you’re attending a wedding, expecting a delicious buffet, only to be met with a cheese spread and some fruit. That’s exactly what happened at one wedding, and guests started feeling hungry and leaving. The bride, in a fit of rage, blocked the doors and screamed at everyone, causing even more people to leave. It’s a reminder that weddings should be about hospitality and making sure your guests are taken care of.

Family Feuds and Bridesmaids

When family drama mixes with wedding planning, things can quickly escalate. One Reddit user shared the story of their sister being yelled at by their aunt during a practice at the church. The aunt’s bridezilla behavior towards the young bridesmaid caused her to burst into tears. The mother of the bridesmaid was furious and told the aunt to find a new bridesmaid. It’s a reminder that weddings should be a time of love and support, not tears and stress.

Vacation or Wedding?

Attending a destination wedding can be a perfect opportunity for a vacation. However, one couple’s decision to take a two-week vacation around the wedding caused the bride to lose her cool. She felt that her special day was being overshadowed by their vacation plans. Thankfully, she later apologized for her outburst. It’s a story that shows how nerves can sometimes get the best of us, even on important occasions.

Winter Themed Wedding Gone Wrong

Planning a themed wedding can be fun and creative, but it’s important to remember that not everyone shares the same sense of humor. One bridesmaid made a playful joke about her muff, referring to her winter accessory. Unfortunately, the bride didn’t see the humor and took offense, accusing the bridesmaid of not taking things seriously. It’s a reminder that jokes may not always land, especially during the stress of wedding preparations.

The Takeaway

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions, but sometimes they can turn into unforgettable disasters. These stories serve as a reminder to appreciate the calm and drama-free weddings we’ve attended. Let’s strive to create loving and welcoming environments for our guests, without losing sight of what truly matters – celebrating love and happiness.

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions filled with love and celebration. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned, and the result can be a wedding horror story. From demanding brides to shocking revelations, these stories will make you appreciate the peacefulness of your own wedding.

Few Guests, Big Drama

One Redditor shared a story about a wedding with very few guests. The bride refused to invite any family members she hadn’t met before. This led to a small wedding with only six people from the groom’s side and a whopping 65 from the bride’s side. While it may have avoided awkwardness, it left the groom’s family feeling excluded and hurt.

Groom Left Hanging

In another tale, a groom was left alone on his wedding night. The bride stormed out of their hotel room, furious that her new husband had abandoned her to go to a bar with his friends. The bride’s anger was understandable, but it still left everyone wondering why anyone would leave their bride on such an important night.

Cousin’s Cold Shoulder

A Redditor’s cousin took wedding drama to a whole new level. After breaking up with her cousin’s best friend, the Redditor received an email from the bride-to-be, uninviting her from the wedding. This led to a complete severing of ties between the two families, leaving lasting resentment and hurt feelings.

Best Friend Turned Bridezilla

Sometimes, even the sweetest of friends can turn into bridezillas. One Redditor shared how their best friend became demanding and rude during the wedding planning process. From setting a date for the bridal shower without consulting the friend to expecting her to do all the last-minute wedding preparations, it was a nightmare experience that strained their friendship for months.

Friend’s Ulterior Motive

The story of a friend’s betrayal unfolded when a Redditor was asked to be a bridesmaid. Little did she know, the bride had ulterior motives. She demanded that everyone wear hideous dresses and even asked them to dye their hair to match her own blonde locks. When the Redditor refused, she was replaced with someone else. The bride’s outrageous demands continued, with her expecting guests to pay $80 per person for a BBQ buffet and bring gifts valued at over $50. The final straw came when the Redditor realized that the wedding date clashed with her boyfriend’s Tough Mudder competition, leading her to choose the competition over the wedding.

Sister’s Shocking Revelation

In a heartbreaking story, a Redditor’s sister kept a dark secret hidden until her wedding day. The Redditor wasn’t even invited to the wedding, but a mutual friend sent a message urging her to rush to the ceremony. When she arrived, she discovered her boyfriend wearing a wedding suit. Her sister and her boyfriend had been having an affair for years, and they chose not to invite her to spare her the pain. The betrayal was devastating, leaving the Redditor without both her boyfriend and her best friend.

Weddings can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and these stories prove that anything can happen. From family drama to shocking revelations, it’s a reminder to appreciate the love and support in our own lives. Have you ever experienced a wedding horror story? Share your thoughts and stories with us!