The High Price of Unhealthy Habits: The Tragic Story of Dean Wharmby

Dean Wharmby, a professional bodybuilder from Manchester, UK, was known for his incredible physique that many people dreamed of having. However, behind his muscular appearance, Dean led a very unhealthy lifestyle that eventually took a toll on his body.

Every day, Dean would force himself to consume at least 10,000 calories to sustain his muscle mass. His diet consisted mainly of fast food and he would consume 7-8 cans of energy drinks daily. While this may have seemed necessary for his bodybuilding goals, it ultimately led to dire consequences.

One day, Dean received the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. He suspected that his excessive food and drink intake may have contributed to the disease. However, his doctor discovered another detail that likely played a role in his illness.

Aside from his unconventional eating habits, Dean had other unhealthy habits as well. He would often have a McDonald’s meal for an afternoon snack, followed by a pizza on his way home. When he arrived home, his girlfriend would usually cook a large dinner. Additionally, Dean would lift heavy weights at the gym every day. All of these factors combined contributed to his excessive weight gain.

But one day, Dean’s body reached its breaking point. He began experiencing a series of health problems, and when his doctor discovered tumors in his liver, he knew that the situation was serious.

After his cancer diagnosis in 2010, Dean made a complete lifestyle change. One of the first steps he took was cutting out energy drinks, to which he had become addicted. He also stopped eating junk food, red meat, and sugar. Instead of opting for chemotherapy and radiation, Dean decided to try natural remedies and vitamins.

While the strong bodybuilder began to lose weight slowly, he refused to give up in his battle against cancer. Dean believed that his diet was a contributing factor to his illness.

“I can’t say for sure that my diet caused the cancer, but things like the energy drinks and impurities in red meats are potential factors,” Dean shared.

However, experts have different opinions on the role of energy drinks in causing liver cancer. Dr. Dmitri Alden, a New York-based oncologist specializing in liver diseases, is skeptical and believes that individual chemical compositions and other factors must be considered before drawing any conclusions.

The cancer diagnosis brought to light other concerning factors in Dean’s life. His partner, Charlotte Rigby, suspected that Dean had been using steroids, which Dean confessed to using earlier in his bodybuilding career.

Despite changing his diet and starting vitamin treatment, Dean’s health showed improvements, and his tumor disappeared in 2011. Unfortunately, he fell back into his old habits and began to deteriorate in 2015.

Dean’s life took a series of unfortunate turns as he broke up with his girlfriend, became homeless, and the cancer returned. The doctors gave him only three weeks to live. The tumor had grown so large that his chances of survival were non-existent.

Sadly, Dean passed away in July 2015. According to coroner Lisa Hashmi, Dean’s use of anabolic steroids had a “direct link” to his death. Dr. Hashmi issued a warning about the dangers of doping, emphasizing the most probable cause of Dean’s liver tumors.

Dean documented his battle with cancer on his Facebook page, “Dean’s Journey,” with the help of his girlfriend, Charlotte. Reflecting on Dean’s passing, Charlotte shared, “I know that where he is now, he is free, he has shaken off all his illness and pain and is pure and perfect. He will live forever.”

Dean Wharmby’s story serves as a heartbreaking reminder of the high price of unhealthy habits and the dangers of doping and anabolic steroids. Let us honor Dean’s memory by sharing his story and spreading awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.