Everyone Had A Crush On Her In The 1990s, But Today I Can’t Recognize Her

Remember Heather Locklear from her days on Melrose Place? Well, you wouldn’t recognize her now! Recently, she was spotted spending quality time with her fiancé, Chris Heisser, and she looked completely different. The Daily Mail caught the happy couple indulging in a bit of antiquing at the famous Whizin Market Square in Agoura Hills, California.

Locklear, who resides in a stunning 8,000 square feet home in Westlake Village, just a few miles away from the antique mall, seemed genuinely happy as she and her high school sweetheart fiancé explored the shops in search of hidden treasures. Their love for each other was evident as witnesses claimed they acted like an old married couple.

The actress, known for her beauty, was captured by the camera without any makeup and not wearing her engagement ring. However, her radiant smile and the joy in her eyes spoke volumes about her happiness with Heisser. Locklear’s rejuvenated and positive outlook on life is a far cry from the struggles she faced in the past.

A few years ago, Locklear battled substance abuse and made headlines when she entered a rehabilitation program in 2018. But now, she’s doing much better and enjoying the sunny days with the love of her life. It’s heartwarming to see her moving forward and finding true happiness.

While Locklear was seen without a face mask, her considerate fiancé made sure to protect himself and others by wearing one as they left the antique mall. According to witnesses, the couple seemed at ease in each other’s company, with Locklear being her authentic self. Chris, far from the cliché of disinterested partners waiting outside stores, was actively engaged in the shopping experience.

Both Locklear and her fiancé were dressed in black tops, reflecting their shared taste. Locklear wore a stylish Lauren Moshi “biting lip” skull logo T-shirt, while Chris donned a classic black polo shirt. The couple explored the stores, with Heather taking the lead and Chris following along, in search of the perfect gift item.

As the couple exited the antique shop, Locklear clutched a small bag and couldn’t contain her laughter at something Chris had said. Although she wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, there’s no reason to worry. Locklear has been seen without it before, even during previous outings with friends.

Heather Locklear’s transformation over the years is truly remarkable. From her iconic role on Melrose Place to her personal struggles and now her newfound happiness with Chris Heisser, she remains an inspiration to many. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this beloved actress.