Angry Wife Writes The Best Letter Ever To Husband’s Mistress. This Is Gold.

Infidelity is a painful experience, especially for the victims of cheating partners. However, one woman found a unique and brilliant way to handle her situation when she discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness. She decided to write a letter to her husband’s mistress, expressing in detail how her husband’s life was about to change dramatically.

While I cannot verify the authenticity of the letter, it does sound quite realistic. Either way, her response to the situation is worth sharing to see what people think!

Dear Carla,

I would like to thank you for leaving those little bite marks all over my husband’s chest the other night. Your gesture has truly set me and my children free!

As a token of my appreciation for your thoughtful services, I am offering you my husband – for keeps! However, there are a few rules you should be aware of:

  1. Financial Responsibility: You must financially support him. He will be responsible for child support for our two children and alimony for me, as I have dedicated the past 10 years of my life to raising our kids. So forget about his money, honey, because that’s all mine!

  2. Wardrobe Duty: You will have to clothe him. Believe it or not, when he got out of the shower the other day, a giant black hole appeared in our bedroom. All his clothes were sucked in! So feel free to outfit him in any way you choose. Leather pants, a leash – the choice is yours, girlfriend!

  3. Time Apart: You will have to say goodbye to him every other weekend. This time will be set aside for supervised visits with his children.

  4. Intimacy Issues: You must bid farewell to a proper sex life. You see, I know that you didn’t sleep with him last night. Since his back injury five years ago, his penis hasn’t functioned properly. Even with a little blue pill, he can only last for a couple of minutes at most. Sometimes, he won’t even try. So, stock up on batteries, sweetheart! His condition is irreversible, and you’ll have to deal with it, just like I did.

  5. No Return Policy: You will never return him to me. I will not take him back or let him in my home. He had a great life here, and he threw it all away for you. You can certainly try, but I sincerely doubt that you’ll ever live up to what we had.

  6. Taking the Blame: You must accept it when he blames you for all of this. He told me, with tears streaming down his face, that you giggled and said, “I hope your wife sees my bites.” Well, your wish came true, honey, and he is severely pissed… at you.

And lastly, this is more of a friendly warning than a rule. I will make it my mission in life to fill up all of his time with the pettiest stuff I can think of, just to spite you. I will work tirelessly to hurt him and you to the same degree that my kids are hurting right now. He may smile and deal with it for the sake of me and the children, but then he will spend hours every day complaining to you about it. And in case you were wondering, I feel completely justified in doing so.

Once again, thank you, Carla! You have shown me that 13 years and two children were no match for you and your adorable little bite marks. I accept defeat and applaud you on winning this man… HE’S ALL YOURS!

Wow, what a letter! What are your thoughts on this woman’s reaction?