A Look Back at Goldie Hawn’s High School Photo: Unrecognizably Radiant at 77

Long-lost photo emerges of Goldie Hawn, 77, in high school – and she's completely unrecognizable

Goldie Hawn, the beloved actress who has captured the hearts of millions, has been in the spotlight since the 1960s. Known for her iconic roles and enduring popularity, Hawn’s talent, charm, and longevity are truly remarkable.

When we think of Goldie, we often picture her with her signature long, blonde hair. But a recently discovered photo from her high school yearbook in the early 1960s reveals a different side of the actress we know and love. With natural golden locks, a contagious smile, and youthful skin that radiates an enviable glow, Goldie Hawn remains stunning at 77.

Hawn’s career took off with her comedic talent on the TV comedy series “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” in the late 1960s. She then won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her leading role in the romantic comedy “Cactus Flower” (1969). From there, her breakthrough performances in films like “The Sugarland Express” (1972), “Private Benjamin” (1980), and “Overboard” (1987) solidified her place as a Hollywood star. She has since graced the screen in memorable movies such as “Death Becomes Her,” “The First Wives Club,” and the “The Christmas Chronicles” series.

Goldie Hawn has undoubtedly carved out a stellar reputation over the span of her almost six-decade career. It’s hard to imagine a time before she became a beloved actress, lighting up our screens.

In 2020, My Heritage colorized the yearbook photos from Goldie Hawn’s high school, Montgomery Blair High School in Maryland. These photos show the 77-year-old actress sporting a short pixie cut, and the accompanying text reveals her active involvement in theater and drama societies during her high school years. It’s fascinating to see her early days and the seeds of her talent taking root.

Despite almost five decades in the entertainment industry and raising three children, Goldie Hawn still looks beautiful today. Surprisingly, her beauty secret is something many of us already have in our kitchens: olive oil. Hawn reveals that she ingests two tablespoons of olive oil before bed and massages her face, as she believes that the skin is our largest organ and tends to get drier with age. And when it comes to her famous golden locks, they are all natural. Hawn has never colored her hair, choosing instead to use a regular rinse without any harsh chemicals.

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