Tragic Incident: Elderly Couple Found Dead in South Carolina Home

In a heartbreaking turn of events, an elderly couple from South Carolina, Joan Littlejohn (84) and Glennwood Fowler (82), were found dead inside their home. Concerned family members had requested a wellness check, leading the police to the shocking discovery.

While there were no apparent signs of a struggle or foul play, the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office is currently investigating the tragic incident. Upon arrival, first responders were met with an alarming amount of heat emanating from the residence, and attempts to measure the victims’ temperature revealed they had exceeded the device’s maximum reading of 106 degrees.

The situation became more alarming when firefighters found the interior of the house exceeding temperatures of 120 degrees, even after the doors had been open to the cold air for approximately 20 minutes. The basement, where the heater and hot water heater were located, was particularly concerning. The intense heat emitted by the heater gave the impression that the basement was engulfed in flames.

Following the deactivation of the heater, authorities discovered that its temperature had exceeded a staggering 1,000 degrees. Through conversations with the victims’ family members, officials learned that Joan and Glennwood had been struggling to keep their home warm. In fact, during their last encounter, family members attempted to fix wiring near the pilot light.

The loss of Joan Littlejohn and Glennwood Fowler has left a void in their community. The investigation into this tragic incident continues as authorities work to determine the exact cause of their untimely deaths.