Max the Cockatoo Throws an Hilarious Tantrum Before Going to the Vet

Animals often dread going to the veterinarian, and it’s no different for Max, a mischievous cockatoo. Max, being the clever bird that he is, was informed in advance about his upcoming visit to the vet. And boy, did he throw a tantrum!

As soon as Max got wind of the news, he immediately sought refuge under a bench and protested vehemently. But little did he know that his owner was armed with a camera, capturing the hilarity of his tantrum. Take a look at the video below for a good laugh.

The video starts with Max expressing his dissatisfaction in a deep, flustered voice. He backs himself into a corner near a shelf, fluffing his feathers while emitting a throaty cry. Meanwhile, his owner tries to coax him, saying, “Let’s go, you’ve gotta go in your carrier.” In response, Max retorts in the same low tone, as if he’s talking back to his owner. It’s like witnessing a child throwing a tantrum and engaging in a playful argument with their parent. Truly entertaining!

Max decides to take it a step further and ducks under the bottom shelf, hiding away from the inevitable trip to the vet. He continues his muttering in that distinct low voice while blatantly ignoring any commands. But fear not, this seemingly odd behavior is just Max’s way of communicating. Cockatoos, unlike parrots, are unable to mimic human words in the same way. So, the occasional screams and muttering are completely normal for our feathered friend.

Did you know that you can gauge a cockatoo’s mood by the position of their crest? If their crest is raised, it signifies excitement, alertness, or agitation. On the other hand, a lowered crest indicates submission or movement. A relaxed crest means the bird is content, whether it’s eating, resting, or simply enjoying its surroundings.

Max’s first appearance in the video shows his crest raised high, clearly indicating his lack of enthusiasm for the vet. However, in another shot, after he emerges from his hiding spot, we can see Max below a small table. At first, his tone remains the same, using his deep voice with a raised crest. But soon enough, his pitch becomes higher, and his crest gradually lowers. It’s as if he squawks to express his discontent about the vet visit, but ultimately understands the necessity.

The showdown between Max and his owner continues, with Max throwing a major tantrum. Frustrated, his owner sternly states, “You heard what I said, get your butt out here.” Max persists with his bickering, but eventually, when his owner calls him by his name, Max starts to calm down, and his crest lowers.

It’s fascinating to witness the unique way bird owners and their pets communicate when words aren’t possible. Max clearly has his grievances about the vet, but it’s not the end of the world. He just needed to vent and explain to his owner why he was unhappy. But, in the end, he’s ready to make amends and head off to see the veterinarian.

So, what did you think of Max’s tantrum? How would you react if a bird talked back to you like this? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch Max’s tantrum unfold in this hilarious .