A Touching Reunion: Orangutan Mom Embraces Stolen Baby

Heartwarming moment when an orangutan is reunited with her baby who was kidnapped

We humans and orangutans have a lot in common. Not only do we look alike, but we also behave in similar ways. We are both intelligent creatures capable of language, emotions, and even using tools. Just like human babies, orangutan babies cry when they’re hungry, whimper when they’re sad, and smile at their moms. This heartwarming story is about a courageous mom orangutan who is reunited with her baby girl after the little one was kidnapped by a dominant male orangutan.

Four years ago, on Salat Island, Clara, an adult female orangutan, gave birth to baby Clarita. Salat Island serves as a sanctuary for orangutans who need care and protection. The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) provides a safe environment for orangutans who are unable to survive on their own in the wild. Clara and Clarita were living in the canopied forest of the island, preparing for a future release into their natural habitat.

However, one day, the technicians found that Clarita had been taken away from Clara by Rizki, a 14-year-old male orangutan. They had to act swiftly to rescue the vulnerable baby. Clarita needed immediate care for a severe rash and malnutrition resulting from being separated from her mother’s milk.

The rescue team safely captured Clarita and brought her to the clinic for treatment and observation. They also had to find Clara and bring her to the clinic. There was a chance that Clara might reject her baby, which would mean Clarita would have to go through an extensive reintroduction program before being released into the wild.

The moment of reunion between Clara and Clarita was captured on video. Nervously cradling Clarita in her arms, a vet approached Clara’s temporary cage. Speaking softly to Clara, the vet introduced Clarita to her mom, hoping they would get to know each other. Clara’s gaze was fixed on her helpless daughter. Through the cage bars, she kissed Clarita on the tuft of fur on her head.

Encouraged by Clara’s behavior, the technician decided to let the mom hold her baby. Clara eagerly reached out her hand and tried to open the lock. Once inside the same space, Clara tenderly embraced her baby, and Clarita’s cries gradually transformed into contentment as she fed from her mom.

The touching reunion brought tears to the eyes of the technicians witnessing the moment. They were moved by the sight of Clara and Clarita reconnecting. Since then, both orangutans have been restored to full health and transferred to a pre-release island. After meeting the criteria for release, Clara and Clarita started their new lives in the forests of Bukit Baka Bukit Raya Nation.

The video of Clara and Clarita’s reunion has touched the hearts of many. It beautifully captures a mother’s love, whether it’s for a furry friend or a human child. We are fortunate to witness such a heartwarming moment. What are your thoughts on this story? Please share them in the comments below and pass on the story to hear what others have to say!