A Rare Gem in San Francisco Bay: Your Very Own Private Island

Are you ready to fulfill your wildest dreams? Picture owning a private island in the heart of San Francisco Bay! For just $25 million, you can make that dream a reality. Red Rock Island, also known as Moleta and Golden Rock, is a one-of-a-kind property that is now available for sale. But before you start imagining your tropical paradise, let’s dive into what you need to know.

This 5.8-acre island is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s currently uninhabited and lacks some of the modern amenities you might expect. You won’t find running water, power, Wi-Fi, or even a bathroom on Red Rock Island. But for those who crave solitude and the opportunity to create their private oasis, this island is a rare gem that can’t be overlooked.

Situated right on the dividing line between San Francisco and San Pablo bays, Red Rock Island’s unique location means that the only way to access it is by air or water. This makes property viewings quite an adventure! Imagine arriving at your future private paradise by chartered yacht, boat, seaplane, helicopter, Jet Ski, kayak, or even paragliding. The journey alone promises breathtaking views of San Francisco, Belvedere, the Oakland hills, and the Bay Bridge.

But Red Rock Island isn’t just defined by its incredible location. It also boasts a fascinating history. Former state senator Selim E. Woodworth initially claimed the island in the 19th century. He built a cabin and maintained a hunting preserve, which gave the island its original name, “Molate Island.” Later, it served as a mining location for manganese, a valuable metal used in steel and aluminum production. After passing through various owners, the island ended up in the hands of San Francisco attorney David Glickman in 1964, who acquired it for $49,500.

There were grand plans for Red Rock Island in 1964, envisioning a 10-story hotel and casino with a yacht harbor on the north side. Water and power were planned to be supplied via lines connected to the San Rafael Bridge, and parts of the terrain were intended to be sold for highway roadbed construction. Unfortunately, these ambitious plans never came to fruition, and the island remained uninhabited.

Over the years, Red Rock Island has been listed for sale multiple times. Now, in 2023, Brock Durning, who inherited the island from his father, has placed it on the market for $25 million. For the first time, it is listed on a multiple listing service, allowing brokers to see other agents’ listings.

Potential buyers can arrange viewings for the island by appointment only. Red Rock’s listing agent, Chris Lim, has a range of adventurous options for those interested. Whether you choose to arrive by chartered yacht, boat, seaplane, helicopter, Jet Ski, kayak, or paragliding, the captivating views of San Francisco, Belvedere, the Oakland hills, and the Bay Bridge will leave you in awe.

Chris Lim, who spent an entire day on the island to fully grasp its unique charm, is eager to find a prospective buyer who appreciates the island’s exceptionally rare nature, whether for conservation or development.

While Red Rock Island may not offer the conveniences of modern living, it presents an unparalleled opportunity to create your private paradise in one of the most stunning locations in San Francisco Bay. Its rich history, breathtaking views, and unique character make it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those seeking the ultimate retreat.

In a world where privacy and exclusivity are highly valued, Red Rock Island stands as a shimmering gem for those with the vision and means to turn it into their personal haven. While it may lack some of the comforts of modern life, its natural beauty and potential for development make it a truly one-of-a-kind property in the San Francisco Bay area. So, if you’re seeking an adventure and the chance to create your private paradise, Red Rock Island awaits.