She Was Officially Dead For 27 Minutes, And She Came Back With A Message About Heaven


Can you imagine being gone from this world for not one, two, or even three minutes, but a whole twenty-seven minutes? That’s exactly what happened to Tina Hines. She was pronounced dead for nearly half an hour. But when she returned, she had an incredible story to share about Heaven.

During those twenty-seven minutes, Tina had an experience like no other. She found herself transported to the afterworld, where she was graced with the presence of her creator in Heaven. Doctors and family members couldn’t comprehend what was happening inside her head, but Tina knew in her heart that she had connected with something greater than herself.

Tina’s near-death experience was both shocking and unexpected. She was out for a walk with her husband when she suddenly went into cardiac arrest. It was a terrifying moment, but luckily her husband, Brian, sprang into action, performing CPR and managing to bring her back to life. However, her revival was short-lived, and she slipped back into the darkness of unconsciousness, needing immediate medical attention.

Thanks to the swift actions of her husband, Tina was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors worked tirelessly to bring her back. Meanwhile, her sister Tammy and her husband Dave dropped everything and rushed to be by her side.

During their journey to the hospital, Tammy had a powerful premonition. She knew deep down that Tina was going to be okay, despite the circumstances. And her intuition proved to be right. While on their way, Dave received a text from Brian letting them know that Tina was alive.

When Brian entered the ICU room where Tina was recovering, he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. His prayers had been answered beyond his wildest dreams. Tina, too, embraced the miracle she had experienced and wanted to share it with the world.

The next day, as Tina began to regain her strength, she asked for pen and paper. With shaky hands, she scrawled two simple words, “It’s real.” Those two words carried a profound meaning. Tina had met God in Heaven during her time away from the living. It was an encounter that strengthened both her own faith and that of her family.

In honor of this incredible experience, Tina decided to get a tattoo on her wrist that reads, “It’s real.” It serves as a constant reminder of the presence of her Savior in her life and the beautiful afterlife that awaits her.

Tina Hines’s journey to the other side and back has left an indelible mark on her and those around her. Her incredible story reminds us all of the power of faith, the beauty of life after death, and the importance of cherishing every moment we have on this earth.