Anderson Cooper Faces Backlash After His “X-Rated” Comments On Live TV

Anderson Cooper, the well-known CNN anchor, is facing significant backlash from American viewers after making some X-rated comments on live television. Cooper, who comes from a privileged background, was participating in New Year’s Eve coverage in Times Square when things took an unexpected and shocking turn that many found offensive.

During the live broadcast, a reporter dressed as a mermaid made a splash by jumping into a tub filled with rum. Cooper, along with his colleague Andy Cohen, was caught off guard and made some off-color remarks about the scene. Unfortunately, these comments were deemed inappropriate by many viewers, particularly because Cooper is a white man. Now the question arises: Was Anderson Cooper out of line, or was he simply having some fun?

The incident occurred during the late-night coverage, adding an element of excitement to the transition into a new era. Cooper made a lighthearted joke, imagining how hilarious it would have been if his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, had been asked which Hollywood man she believed had the biggest “manhood” during a recorded interview.

As Cooper continued to indulge in tequila shots and engage in banter with Cohen, the episode took a detour from the seriousness surrounding Anderson Cooper in New York City. At the same time, CNN correspondent Randi Kaye reported live from Key West, Florida, alongside a drag queen dressed as a mermaid bathing in a tub filled with rum. Kaye described the drag queen as the “queen of the sea” and expressed her awe at the size of the tail.

The drag queen, known for quick wit, responded, “that’s not the only thing that’s huge here, honey.” This controversial remark shocked not only Cohen but also Cooper, who believed they were pushing boundaries by joking about Hollywood’s well-endowed individuals.

Cohen, under the influence of alcohol, confidently stated, “He’s not going to ask me who’s got the biggest bleep… It’s definitely not anyone I’ve ever been with.” Unable to contain himself any longer, Cooper revealed, “She turns to me out of the blue and goes, ‘He’s not going to ask me who’s got the biggest c–k in Hollywood, is he?’ That’s what she said.”

As social media erupted with emotional turmoil over Cooper’s response to Cohen regarding his mother, many were shocked to hear such explicit language on television, especially from a responsible cable news network like CNN.

Fortunately, the entire incident was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. We’ve included the video link below so you can witness firsthand Cooper’s offensive comment that drew the ire of thousands of Americans. Click here to watch the video.

Let us know your thoughts on whether Anderson Cooper crossed a line or was simply caught up in the moment. Your opinion matters!