When Our Dream Home Became a Nightmare

A Shocking Request

When my husband and I finally bought our own apartment after years of saving, my mother-in-law came over and said something to us that we couldn’t believe with our own ears. She actually thought that we owed her something! I was left baffled, wondering why her family was even involved, when my own parents had always been there for us.

A Long Road to Independence

Let me give you some background. My husband, John, and I got married almost five years ago. At the time, my mother-in-law was living with my older brother James, his wife, and their two children. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough space for both of us in their house. But that was never our plan. We believed that we should first establish our own place before considering starting a family. And so, we worked tirelessly for four years, saving every penny we could. Throughout this journey, my parents stood by our side, offering encouragement and assistance whenever possible. With their support, we were able to save enough for a down payment in just four years. And then something amazing happened. My parents shocked us by selling their own condo to help us buy our dream home. They handed us the cash, eliminating the need for a burdensome mortgage.

Our Dream Come True… Almost

With the money from my parents and our own savings, we were able to purchase a beautiful two-bedroom condo. The whole process went smoothly, and within just six months, we were celebrating our new home sweet home. Little did we know that on that very evening, we would uncover my mother-in-law’s hidden motives. She apparently expected us to use our hard-earned money to help her buy her own property. “You’ve bought yourselves an apartment, and you’ve received help before; now it’s your turn,” she brazenly told me. My husband, on the other hand, could not understand why we should be involved in this. He firmly stood his ground, stating that we had worked hard to achieve our goals and owed no one but my parents a debt of gratitude. He also made it clear that if his brother had not made any adjustments in his life over all these years, that was his own fault. He could do whatever he wanted, as long as he stayed out of our affairs.

Staying Strong

My mother-in-law tried to play the compassion card by mentioning her lack of a place to live for Sasha’s children. But my husband remained resolute in his decision. Eventually, my mother-in-law left our home. Though my husband contemplated the issue for a while, it no longer bothered him. After all, we had recently received the wonderful news that we were going to be parents ourselves. Our focus had shifted, and we were more determined than ever to create a loving and secure home for our child.