Update on Ava Sue’s Status: A Brave Little Girl

Ava Sue, the daughter of Alfonso Ribeiro and Angela Ribeiro, recently underwent emergency surgery to prevent potential scarring after falling off her sit-down scooter just before her fourth birthday. Her parents have been providing updates on social media about her progress.

In an Instagram post, Alfonso expressed his gratitude to the medical staff at Kare MD Skin Health, sharing photos of Ava’s significant burns on her right elbow, shoulder, and around her right eye. He also praised Ava for her bravery during the surgery, commenting that it was not the kind of day one wishes for before turning four.

Angela, Ava’s mother, shared more details about the accident, revealing that she had a bad feeling that morning. Despite issuing a warning for everyone to avoid any risky activities, Ava unfortunately fell from her scooter shortly after. Angela referred to it as a vision of motherly intuition.

Ava was promptly taken to Dr. Raffy at Kare MD Skin Health to address her injuries and minimize the risk of scarring. Angela remarked that it wasn’t the ideal way for Ava to spend her last day as a three-year-old, but she commended her daughter for being a trooper through it all.

The staff at Kare MD Skin Health also extended their well wishes to Ava on her birthday through their Instagram page, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to care for her.

As parents, we can all relate to the fear and worry that comes with seeing our children injured. We are relieved to hear that Ava is recovering well under the care and support of her loved ones and medical professionals.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation where your child was involved in a tragic accident? It can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

Ava's recovery

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