Salon Owner Discloses His Unique Hair Securing Technique

In a shocking revelation, a salon owner from Houston, Texas, named Eric Vaughn has gained widespread attention for his unconventional approach to hair extensions. Vaughn, who has been in the industry for over a decade, admitted that he uses Gorilla glue to keep the extensions securely in place. However, it’s important to note that he never applies the glue directly to his clients’ hair or scalp, making the process pain-free.

Vaughn’s surprising confession came at a time when another incident involving Gorilla glue had recently made headlines. Tessica Brown, a mother of five from Louisiana, unintentionally used the powerful adhesive as hairspray, leading to a month-long struggle to remove it with the help of a surgeon.

In a viral TikTok video, Vaughn addressed the sensational nature of his post, clarifying that his technique is not as extreme as it might seem. He demonstrated how he applies a tiny dot of Gorilla glue at the end of sew-in extensions, using it to secure them in place against a knot. This method ensures that the extensions stay intact without causing any discomfort to his clients.

While Vaughn’s video garnered significant attention, some viewers expressed concerns about the safety of using Gorilla glue on hair. Criticism from commenters suggested that Vaughn should reconsider his approach, emphasizing the potential risks and the availability of alternative methods for achieving the desired results.

In conclusion, Vaughn’s unique use of Gorilla glue for hair extensions has created a buzz within the beauty community. While his technique may be successful for him and his clients, it’s essential for individuals to prioritize their hair’s health and safety when considering any unconventional practices.