Derek Hough’s Heartfelt Emmy Win and Dedication to His Wife

Derek Hough's Breaks Down In Tears Excepting EMMY Win, Dedicates It To Wife, Hayley

After a month filled with ups and downs, dance sensation Derek Hough is being honored for his outstanding work. On January 7, Hough proudly accepted his fourth EMMY award for a breathtaking performance on “Dancing With the Stars.” This particular dance was one that he shared with his wife, Hayley.

As Derek took the stage to receive his award, he couldn’t contain his emotions. With a shaky voice, he addressed the audience, “Hi, everyone. Exactly a month ago, I was in the hospital.” It was a reference to a life-changing moment when Hayley suffered a medical emergency after a performance in Washington, D.C. She had to undergo emergency surgery and had a long road to recovery.

Derek continued his speech, expressing his gratitude and reflecting on the past month. “What a stark contrast. I just flew in last night from D.C. So this is a nice welcome-home gift,” he said. He dedicated the award to his beautiful wife, acknowledging her strength, courage, and resilience throughout the difficult time.

In a heartfelt social media post, Hayley shared her thoughts on the past year and expressed her gratitude for the support she has received. The couple also shared a touching Christmas photo, celebrating the precious gift of life and the love they share. It was just three days after Hayley had successful skull reconstruction surgery, which can only be described as a Christmas miracle.

Derek provided updates on Hayley’s recovery journey, expressing relief, gratitude, and overwhelming joy. He thanked the medical team for their expertise and shared how the outpouring of support and prayers from their community has been a source of strength. Derek emphasized the importance of collective energy and prayers in helping Hayley through her challenging weeks.

With optimism for the future, Derek shared that Hayley’s cranioplasty surgery had been successfully completed, marking a significant milestone in her recovery. He expressed endless gratitude for the support and love they have received.

The journey has been challenging, but Derek and Hayley have found hope and relief in the face of uncertainty. They are profoundly grateful for the support and medical care they have received and are cherishing the moments with a deeper appreciation for life and the people in it.

As Derek shared updates on Hayley’s progress, he marveled at her strength and resilience. The kindness and offers of assistance they have received have been humbling, and they hope to pay it forward as a family.

Numerous people, including fans of “Dancing With The Stars,” have been praying for Hayley’s recovery. Derek shared a statement explaining the situation and appealed for prayers and positivity during this time. Hayley had been diagnosed with a cranial hematoma and required emergency surgery. Fortunately, she is now in stable condition, and Derek expressed his gratitude to the first responders and medical personnel who have cared for her.

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