Flying in Style with Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock, was not only famous for his music and iconic voice but also for his impeccable style and unique taste in food. And it seems like his flair extended to his decorating skills as well, as showcased by his privately-owned jet plane. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable aircraft that belonged to the legend himself.

A Jet Fit for a King

In 1962, Elvis purchased his own plane and spared no expense in customizing it to suit his personal preferences. Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by stunning hardwood paneling, plush carpet, and luscious crimson velvet chairs. It’s a sight that truly reflects the opulent lifestyle of the Rock ‘n’ Roll icon.

This particular aircraft was a Lockheed Jetstar, just one of the many private planes owned by Elvis. He also had a modified Convair 880, lovingly called the “Lisa Marie” after his daughter, and another JetStar known as “Hound Dog 2.” Presley’s fleet of planes was a testament to his passion for flying and his luxurious lifestyle.

From Roswell to Auction

After Elvis’ untimely passing in 1977, the plane was left unattended for several years. Eventually, it found its way to a road in Roswell, New Mexico, where it remained for a significant period of time. Recently, an avid Elvis enthusiast purchased the jet in a Florida auction for $260,000, bringing it back into the spotlight.

Despite its age, the aircraft has managed to retain its charm and is in decent condition. While the red color on the exterior may have faded over the years, a glimpse inside reveals a captivating scene that perfectly captures the essence of the King of Rock.

Stepping into Elvis’ World

As you enter the plane, the first thing that catches your eye is the plush red velvet upholstery on the chairs and the classy wooden panels lining the walls. There’s a “high-tech” television that had its glory days, and a spacious main room that offers ample seating for guests. A cozy kitchenette is located at the back, complete with a vintage microwave.

Take a moment to imagine Elvis himself preparing one of his famous peanut butter, mayonnaise, crispy bacon, and banana sandwiches in that very kitchen, then heating it up in the microwave. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll journey back in time!

And don’t forget to check out the restroom, adorned in more of that luxurious velvet and featuring a sumptuous sink. Compared to the cramped accommodations found on modern charter planes, this restroom is quite impressive. Seeing a glimpse of Elvis’ ideal traveling style is truly a treat.

Auction and Beyond

The plane recently sold at auction for $260,000 at the Florida Mecum Kissimmee Collector Car Sale. While the buyer remains anonymous, it’s clear that Elvis continues to captivate fans even after all these years. So, if you know any Elvis enthusiasts, make sure to share this amazing piece of rock ‘n’ roll history with them!