Patrick Hardison’s Remarkable Journey: A New Face and a New Life

Patrick Hardison Received New Face After Third-degree Burns, See Him Today

Patrick Hardison’s life took a tragic turn in 2001 when a house fire left him with devastating third-degree burns on his face and neck. A former volunteer firefighter, Patrick never hesitated to help put out the fire, but as he entered the burning building, it collapsed, leaving him trapped and severely burned. His face, scalp, ears, nose, and eyelids were all destroyed by the fire.

For years, Patrick underwent numerous surgeries and procedures to try to restore his appearance and function. He couldn’t close his eyes, and the risk of going blind was a constant fear. He lived in constant discomfort, unable to eat properly and unable to look at himself in the mirror. Everywhere he went, people stared, making it difficult for him to be around anyone, even his own children.

Patrick’s hope was reignited when he heard about a groundbreaking partial face transplant performed on a Frenchwoman named Isabelle Dinoire, whose face had been seriously scarred by her pet dog. He reached out to Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez, a renowned surgeon at the NYU Langone Medical Center, who told him that if a suitable donor could be found, he would perform the transplant.

And one day, a miracle happened. A suitable donor was found – David Rodebaugh, a young man who had suffered a severe head injury in a cycling accident and had been declared brain dead. David’s mother, Nancy Millar, chose to donate her son’s face, believing that David’s strength and desire to be a firefighter would live on through the people whose lives he could save, including Patrick’s.

The transplant surgery took 26 grueling hours, with a team of 100 medical experts working tirelessly to complete the procedure. The risks were high, but Patrick’s determination to have a normal life kept him going. And the surgery was a tremendous success. Patrick received a new face, including his scalp, ears, eyelids, and even ear canals, which allowed him to blink and preserved his vision.

Since the surgery, Patrick has been doing well, despite having to take anti-rejection medications to prevent his immune system from rejecting the transplanted face. He has not only gained a new appearance but also a new lease on life. He is currently divorced and is writing a book to inspire others who may feel trapped in their circumstances, showing them that there is always hope and that they can overcome any challenge.

Patrick’s journey has been nothing short of miraculous, thanks to the unwavering support of his donor’s mother, Nancy, the skill and dedication of Dr. Rodriguez and his team, and Patrick’s own strong will. Today, he is a happy man, living his life to the fullest and spreading a message of hope and resilience.

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Patrick Before and After
Patrick Hardison After Transplant
Nancy Millar and Patrick Hardison
Patrick Recovering
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