Child Marriage: A Global Issue That Must Not Be Ignored

It’s easy to believe that child marriage is a problem that happens far away and doesn’t affect us. But the reality is much harsher. According to a report by the World Bank and Save the Children, a shocking 30,000 girls are forced into marriage every single day. That’s 20 girls every minute or one girl every three seconds. These young girls are robbed of their childhood, denied education, and exposed to the risks of premature pregnancies. Their lives are no longer their own.

Child marriage is a global problem that affects more than 700 million women worldwide, according to Unicef. It doesn’t discriminate based on location or country. To highlight the seriousness of this issue and emphasize that it can happen anywhere, YouTuber Coby Persin conducted a social experiment right in the heart of New York City.

In this eye-opening experiment, Coby staged a fake wedding between a 12-year-old girl and a 65-year-old man in the iconic Times Square. As a photographer, Coby pretended to capture wedding pictures of this disturbing union. From the start, people passing by could not help but stare, their expressions a mix of shock and disbelief.

However, as time went on, these initial reactions turned into deep concern and anger. Onlookers began to confront the man, expressing their outrage and demanding answers. One woman even took matters into her own hands and bravely rescued the young girl from the clutches of this disturbing situation.

The experiment clearly demonstrated that the people of New York City refused to accept the idea of a child being married off to an older man. They recognized the injustice and stood up against it. And we should all follow their example.

This social experiment serves as a wake-up call. We need to shine a light on child marriage, spread awareness, and take action to prevent it from happening anywhere in the world. The video of this experiment is a must-watch for everyone. It’s uncomfortable, but crucial to understand the extent of this issue. Together, we can put an end to child marriage and ensure that every girl has the right to control her own future.

Let’s share this article to show our resistance and raise awareness. Every three seconds, a young girl’s life is forever changed by forced marriage. It’s time to unite and end this practice once and for all.