News Anchor Gets Fired Immediately After “Inappropriate” Remark

A longtime news anchor with New York’s WABC 7 has been fired after making an inappropriate remark during a broadcast. The incident occurred when the anchor for Eyewitness News This Morning made a controversial comment while wearing a microphone, which was recorded and heard by others. As a result, the co-anchor lost his job after his contract was terminated.

Ken Rosato, the news anchor in question, now finds himself looking for work. However, his chances of finding a job in the news business may be challenging following this incident. Sources close to the situation revealed that Rosato inadvertently said something very inappropriate while speaking on an open microphone. Unfortunately for him, the phrase was picked up and heard by others.

Although the exact words uttered by Rosato on the open mic are still unknown, they were undoubtedly terrible and should never have been spoken publicly, let alone into an open microphone. The consequences were immediate, as Rosato was swiftly let go once his words were discovered on the recording. While we cannot disclose the specific statement made, it was so severe that it warranted immediate termination.

It was later revealed that Rosato had directed an offensive word towards his co-anchor, Shirleen Allicot, resulting in his firing. Rosato’s choice of words crossed a line that was unacceptable in the workplace, leading to his prompt dismissal. After making the disrespectful comment, he was terminated on the spot and instructed to leave the studio immediately.

Following Rosato’s firing for his derogatory remark about his co-anchor, Michelle Charlesworth, Heather O’Rourke, and Sam Champion – the other co-hosts of the morning show – were individually informed about the incident. Rosato’s departure from the station on May 12, 2023, leaves him facing potential challenges in finding work within the broadcasting industry. The notification process took place one by one, ensuring each professional was aware of the co-anchor’s abrupt termination.

Later that same day, the station’s general manager addressed the entire staff via email, officially announcing Rosato’s departure from WABC. The message concluded with a brief statement expressing gratitude for his years of service.

Fans of the morning show were shocked by Rosato’s offensive comment towards Allicot. Many took to social media to express their reactions, resulting in a variety of comments found on Instagram. Some individuals even defended Rosato, arguing that his punishment was too severe.

The termination initially sparked speculation, with some believing that Rosato had been fired for using a racial slur. However, Rosato’s representative swiftly refuted these claims, emphasizing that being fired over a racial slur was entirely inaccurate and untrue. The statement further highlighted Rosato’s 20 years of support for equality during his tenure at WABC.

While opinions may vary, the consequences faced by Ken Rosato serve as a reminder that certain words and actions have no place in a professional setting. The incident stands as a testament to the importance of maintaining respect and professionalism within the workplace.