David Lynch’s Unlikely Decision to Play John Ford in *The Fabelmans* with the Help of Cheetos

David Lynch as John Ford smoking a cigar in The Fabelmans

In the 2022 film The Fabelmans, directed by Steven Spielberg, there was a pivotal moment where David Lynch almost didn’t take on the role of John Ford. However, an unexpected factor convinced him to say yes: Cheetos. Yes, you read that right!

David Lynch is known for his work behind the camera, but on occasion, he has stepped in front of it to perform roles. When Spielberg approached him to play the legendary director John Ford, Lynch initially hesitated. He wanted to give actors like Harrison Ford and George Clooney a chance to shine while he focused on crafting stories behind the scenes. But eventually, Lynch agreed to take on the role because he “really liked the scene.” And there was another factor that played a part in his decision – a bag of Cheetos in his dressing room.

Lynch admitted that he loves Cheetos, even though they’re not the healthiest snack. He avoids keeping them at home but couldn’t resist the opportunity to indulge when a major production provided them for him. It’s a relatable craving for many of us – sometimes you just need to satisfy that cheesy, crunchy desire!

Although Lynch’s screen time in The Fabelmans was brief, his performance as John Ford left a lasting impression. In one memorable scene, Ford advises Sammy Fabelman (based on Spielberg himself) against framing shots with the horizon in the middle, describing it as “boring as shit.” Lynch couldn’t agree more with this sentiment.

If you’re now eager to watch The Fabelmans, you can stream it with a Paramount+ subscription and the SHOWTIME add-on. And while you wait for Spielberg’s upcoming projects, such as directing Bradley Cooper in Bullitt and executive producing a movie about Martin Luther King Jr., remember to check our 2024 release schedule for the latest film updates.