He Thought It Would Be Funny To Urinate On The Elevator Buttons, But Then Karma Gets Him Back

We all love a good prank, but sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. One man in China learned this the hard way when he decided to play a joke on his fellow building occupants. He thought it would be hilarious to urinate on the elevator buttons, imagining how others would react when their fingers got wet. Little did he know that karma was waiting just around the corner.

As the man stood in the elevator, he unzipped his pants and proceeded to relieve himself on the buttons. He found his own act quite amusing, envisioning the shocked faces and wet fingers of his unsuspecting victims. But his laughter was short-lived.

Unbeknownst to him, elevator buttons are not designed to withstand such liquid encounters. As his urine made contact with the sensitive components, the elevator buttons short-circuited, leaving the man trapped inside the very elevator he wanted to prank.

Caught on the elevator’s surveillance cameras, the entire incident was recorded for all to see. The video quickly went viral, with people from all over the world laughing at the man’s misfortune. It served as a stark reminder that public urination is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Not only is it unsanitary and disrespectful, but it can also have serious consequences, as the man discovered firsthand. Instead of pranking others, he found himself at the receiving end of a prank that he never saw coming.

The embarrassed man banged on the elevator doors, desperately trying to force them open. But his efforts were in vain. He was truly trapped, forced to endure the pungent aroma of his own mistake until help arrived.

Let this be a cautionary tale for anyone considering pulling a prank. Before embarking on such endeavors, it’s crucial to think about the potential repercussions. A moment of laughter for one person can quickly turn into embarrassment and inconvenience for another.

So, the next time you’re tempted to play a prank, take a moment to consider the possible outcomes. Make sure you’re prepared, both in terms of your plan and the consequences you might face. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a prank instead.