When You’re Away: The Shocking Story of a Home Invasion

We all know that feeling of worry and unease when we leave our homes unattended, especially when going on vacation. While most of us try to push those thoughts aside, the fear of burglaries often lingers in the back of our minds. Unfortunately, for one man from Hattiesburg, his worst nightmare came true when he returned home.

A Surprise Occupant

As he arrived back from his week-long trip, the homeowner discovered that his house on Adeline Street wasn’t as empty as he had left it. Unbeknownst to him, a homeless man named Robert Otis had decided to make himself at home in the vacant house.

To his astonishment, the homeowner found the place neat and tidy, as if someone had been living there. Upon entering, he noticed cooked food in the fridge and folded laundry on the living room chair. It was clear that Otis had made himself quite comfortable during his absence.

Caught in the Act

Curiosity got the best of the homeowner, who ventured outside to investigate. To his surprise, he found Otis diligently sweeping the area around his pool. When asked who he was, Otis simply replied that he worked for the pool company. However, the homeowner had never hired anyone to maintain his pool.

With a mix of concern and adrenaline, the homeowner decided to confront Otis and kept him under control until the Hattiesburg police officers arrived. Otis was subsequently taken into custody and charged with residential burglary.

Living Like a Homeowner

During the investigation, the homeowner made more shocking discoveries. It turned out that Otis had not only helped himself to the homeowner’s shrimp, chicken, and sausage but had also taken the initiative to clean both refrigerators. He had even gone as far as sweeping and mopping the floors and wiping down the stovetop.

But it didn’t stop there. Otis had taken a shower, laundered his clothes, and to top it all off, he slept in the homeowner’s bed. He had even arranged his shoes neatly, as if the space was truly his own.

A Bizarre Circumstance

This incident has left the Hattiesburg community scratching their heads. It’s difficult to comprehend why someone would take such liberties with another person’s property, especially to the extent of making it their own.

If you find this bizarre situation intriguing, we invite you to continue reading below for a closer look at the homeless man who decided to take matters into his own hands after growing weary of living in a tent.

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