Travis Kelce’s Priceless Christmas Gift from Taylor Swift’s Brother

Travis Kelce, the NFL player and star tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, recently shared a heartwarming story about the Christmas gift he received from Taylor Swift’s brother, Austin. In a bonus episode of the podcast hosted by Travis and his brother Jason, he revealed that Austin surprised him with the present while dressed as Santa Claus.

During the Chiefs’ Christmas Day game, Taylor, her parents, and Austin, all arrived in style. Austin, in his Santa costume, walked alongside Taylor as they entered the game. Travis couldn’t help but be touched by the gesture, saying, “Austin actually made me feel like a child because his gift to me was straight out of the bag.” He praised Austin’s commitment to the bit, saying that he “killed it.”

Travis’s brother Jason’s wife, Kylie, also appreciated Austin’s dedication. She remarked, “That was a full commit, and I respect that.” With everyone curious about the gift, Jason finally asked the question on everyone’s mind. Travis happily revealed that Austin pulled the gift out of his Santa sack and handed him a VHS tape. And what was on that tape? Travis’s all-time favorite football movie, the classic 1994 hit, Little Giants. Travis couldn’t contain his joy, exclaiming, “Santa killed it!”

It’s heartwarming to see the bond between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s family. The thought and effort that Austin put into finding the perfect gift for Travis is truly touching. It’s moments like these that remind us of the joy and excitement of the holiday season.