A Father’s Disappointment Turns into Hate

Man wants son, furious ‘all three shot out pink,’ gets angry with wife for being pregnant with girl triplets

A heart-wrenching story has emerged on Reddit, in which a husband expressed extreme dissatisfaction when his triplets turned out to be girls. This incident has left the wife seeking advice on how to deal with her enraged spouse. The couple, who had already suffered the devastating loss of their first baby boy, now find themselves in a new crisis as the husband vents his anger on his wife, blaming her for the gender of their unborn children.

The couple had a harmonious marriage until tragedy struck three years ago with the stillbirth of their son. They managed to weather the storm, but the wounds of their loss never fully healed. Their relationship became strained, despite their efforts to move forward. However, a glimmer of hope appeared when they discovered they were expecting triplets. The husband, still yearning for a son, was hopeful that at least one of the babies would fulfill his long-held desire.

The gender reveal party arrived, and while the wife was elated to have healthy babies, her husband had his heart set on having sons. Unfortunately, all three canons released pink confetti, signifying that they were expecting three baby girls. The husband’s reaction was nothing short of explosive. Consumed by frustration, he lashed out, accusing his wife of being responsible for their first son’s death and expressing his disinterest in having daughters. This heartbreaking incident left the wife shattered, believing that her husband blamed her for the loss of their son.

Unable to control his anger, the husband turned his aggression towards the wife’s brother, escalating the tension even further. Fearing for her safety, the brother intervened and provided solace to the devastated wife. Meanwhile, the husband continued his tirade outside, expressing his discontent with their daughters and his desire to have a son.

Since the occurrence, the couple’s relationship has deteriorated significantly. They have resorted to sleeping in separate rooms, and every interaction is filled with anger and resentment. In a conversation about their future with their daughters, the husband made it clear that he has no desire for a close relationship with them. This revelation was the final straw for the wife, as she realized that divorce was the only viable option, despite being financially dependent on her husband.

Seeking advice from the Reddit community, she expressed her concerns about raising three children on her own and ensuring a loving and supportive environment for them. Respondents unanimously advised her to leave the toxic marriage, citing the husband’s abusive behavior and his reprehensible blame for their stillborn child.

While the wife remains uncertain about her future, one thing is clear; she refuses to subject her daughters to a household where their father harbors hate towards them. The baby girls deserve a nurturing and loving environment, free from the hostility that has engulfed their parents’ relationship.

It is essential for the wife to seek support and guidance through this challenging time, as she takes steps to prioritize her own and her daughters’ well-being. It is our hope that she finds the strength to make the best decision for herself and her children, ultimately leading them to a brighter and happier future.