The Karmic Chart: Discover Your Destiny Based on Your Birth Year

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Karmic chart! Have you ever wondered what your destiny holds based on the year you were born? Well, now you can find out! The Karmic chart is a powerful tool that can shed light on the trials and lessons your soul brings to this lifetime.

At the core of the Karmic chart is the concept of reincarnation. Each soul has its own unique journey through multiple lifetimes, and the Karmic chart helps us understand where we are in that journey. It is based on a system of 9 numbers, with 9 being the maximum number of reincarnations. By calculating your Mewa atrophy, we can determine how many times your soul has reincarnated.

But the Karmic chart goes even further. It can also give you insights into what you can expect in your new life on Earth. It’s like having a roadmap to your destiny! And if that’s not enough, you can even discover who your Mewa is by choosing the year you were born from the table below.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the different waves of the Karmic chart and what they reveal about your destiny:

Wave 1

Are you someone with an anxious and pessimistic character? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Wave 1 individuals like you have the ability to adapt to any situation, even though you may have had a difficult childhood. Take care of your health, as it may be slightly affected. And remember, you’re not too romantic or possessive, but you do well in water-related activities as your occupation.

Wave 2

If you have a friendly character and a traditional mentality without much initiative, then you belong to Wave 2. You are someone who is very attentive to your chosen partner in love. Your life may not be poor or rich, so it’s important to be mindful of your finances. Be careful with gambling, as it can lead to ruin. As for your occupation, working with people or in roles related to nature or agriculture would suit you well.

Mewa 3

Independent and optimistic, Wave 3 individuals mature early and are sociable and talkative. You have a positive and stubborn mind that drives you forward. The perfect age for you is between 34-38 years. While you are strong and active, be aware of possible problems with your nervous system. And don’t forget, you have a tendency to quickly spend everything you earn. So, consider pursuing a career as a musician, teacher, or writer.

Mewa 4

Wave 4 individuals may be undecided and weak, making it easy for others to hurt them. Early maturation is a hallmark of your life, but you may face difficulties in establishing lasting relationships and creating a family. Be mindful of irritability in the morning. Careers in public relations, wool production, and trade are well-suited for individuals in Mewa 4.

Mewa 5

If you are someone who experiences extremes in life, then you belong to Mewa 5. You may have ambitious or lazy tendencies, but you possess good resistance. Love is of utmost importance to you, and while you may face some unlucky situations, you have the ability to bounce back from losses. Be careful not to let gambling addiction take hold. Your career path can be diverse, so choose wisely!

Mewa 6

Mewa 6 individuals have a spiritual and active nature. You are an innate leader with a fear of failure. The perfect age for you is around 40 years old. When it comes to love, your desire for conquest tends to dominate. As a skilled and brave businessman, careers in management and jurisprudence would suit you well. Embrace your leadership qualities!

Mewa 7

An optimist at heart, Mewa 7 individuals can feel upset when they’re not noticed. You seek happiness and freedom in life, and stability tends to come after the age of 40. When it comes to love, choosing the right partner is crucial for your happiness. Consider careers as a teacher or trader, where your skills can shine.

Mewa 8

As someone with Mewa 8, you have a stubborn and conservative character. You often impose your point of view on others. Despite being a lone wolf, you have a strong and healthy body. Loyalty and faithfulness are your strengths when it comes to starting a family. Embrace your uniqueness and consider careers that allow you to work independently.

Mewa 9

Mewa 9 individuals have an outward-facing nature and can be quite critical, expecting a lot from others. As an idealist who despises material things, you value love and relationships above all. The average age is the most pleasant for you. While you may have a tendency to be jealous and possessive, you also have a rich imagination filled with intimate fantasies. Careers in the arts, diplomacy, acting, and writing can provide the fulfillment you seek.

Now that you have explored the different waves and Mewas of the Karmic chart, take a moment to reflect on how they resonate with your own life. Remember, the Karmic chart is not set in stone but offers valuable insights into your journey. Embrace the opportunities it presents and make the most of this lifetime. Your destiny awaits!