Jane Fonda’s Surprising Dating Rule at 85 Sparks Controversy

At 85 years old, Hollywood icon Jane Fonda has made a surprising admission regarding her dating preferences. This revelation has sparked a viral firestorm and received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Fonda, known for her illustrious career spanning almost seven decades, revealed that if she were to have a romantic partner, he would have to be 20 years old. Let’s delve into Fonda’s thoughts on dating a younger man.

A Lifetime of Success and Love

Jane Fonda, born into Hollywood royalty, made her mark in the entertainment industry with her acting debut in 1960. Since then, she has garnered numerous awards and continues to thrive at the age of 85. Fonda’s personal life has seen its ups and downs, with three marriages and divorces. However, she has never given up on love and remains a beloved figure both on and off the screen.

Fonda’s Controversial Dating Preference

During a podcast interview with comedian Heather McMahan, Fonda candidly discussed her dating preferences. She humorously admitted that she would only date someone below the legal drinking age. When asked why specifically 20 years old, Fonda playfully responded, “Because I don’t like old skin.” While some fans appreciated her humor and artistic talents, others questioned her choice.

Mixed Reactions

Fonda’s admission received a range of reactions from fans and critics. Many applauded her wit and found her comment amusing. Others even saw it as an open invitation to pursue a relationship with the iconic actress. However, some expressed disapproval and questioned the appropriateness of such a significant age gap. It is important to note that Fonda’s statement was made in a lighthearted manner, and her true dating preferences remain uncertain.

A Sense of Humor and Vanity

In a previous interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Fonda acknowledged her “vain” nature and revealed her preference for younger partners, citing her obsession with maintaining youthful-looking skin. While she jokingly claims to want a younger man, Fonda acknowledges her own vanity as a factor in her dating preferences.

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