Couple has 3 sets of twins in 5 years after being told they can’t have kids, they all share the same birthday

Carrie and Craig Kosinski were overjoyed when a long-lost family friend asked them to take care of her infant twins. Little did they know that this simple act of kindness would change their lives forever. The temporary arrangement soon turned into a permanent one as the twins became a part of their family.

Having children had always been a dream for Carrie and Craig, but their journey to parenthood was filled with uncertainty. After failed attempts at trying to conceive, the couple turned to adoption. They successfully adopted Adalynn and Kenna, who were born on February 28, 2014.

Years later, they received a call that would once again alter their lives. The birth mother of Adalynn and Kenna was facing difficult circumstances and asked the Kosinskis if they would be willing to adopt her two younger children, Cece and J.J., who were also twins. Without hesitation, Carrie and Craig decided to expand their family once more and welcomed the younger twins into their loving home.

Just when they thought their family was complete, something unexpected happened. Carrie started feeling different and decided to see a doctor. To their surprise, she was pregnant with not one, but two babies. In the span of five years, Carrie and Craig welcomed three sets of twins into their lives.

Raising three sets of twins under one roof is no easy feat, but the Kosinskis have found support from their community. Strangers from all over the country have come forward to offer financial assistance through fundraising websites like GoFundMe and AdoptTogether.

Carrie and Craig attribute the remarkable coincidence of all their children sharing the same birthday to a higher power. They believe that their family was meant to be together, and they are grateful for the blessings they have received.

Today, the Kosinski family is living a full and happy life. Despite the challenges, they cherish each unique personality of their children. Craig and Carrie’s story is a testament to the power of love and the joy of building a family against all odds.

Let us be inspired by their story and spread warmth and positivity in the world. Share their incredible journey and remember that miracles can happen when we least expect them.