Tragic Accident Shatters Dreams of Newlyweds

Bride Killed In Crash Just Moments After Leaving Wedding Reception

On April 28, 2023, Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller were filled with joy as they celebrated their wedding day. However, in a devastating turn of events, their happiness was cut short. Samantha, just 34 years old, lost her life in a horrific crash that occurred shortly after they left their wedding reception. Aric was also injured and had to be hospitalized. It was a heartbreaking end to what should have been the beginning of their happily ever after.


The couple was riding in a low-speed vehicle (LSV), similar to a golf cart, with Aric’s relatives, Benjamin and Brogan Garrett. They had only traveled two blocks when tragedy struck. A drunk motorist named Jamie Lee Komoroski crashed into the back of their LSV with a rental car she was operating. The impact was so severe that the cart was thrown about 100 yards, rolling several times before finally coming to a stop. The scene was nothing short of a nightmare.

The bride’s mother, Lisa Miller, spoke of the last moments they shared together. Samantha had expressed her wish for the night to never end, saying it was the best night of her life. Those words now carry a bittersweet weight as Lisa mourns the loss of her daughter.

The details of the crash were nothing short of shocking. Komoroski was driving at a speed of 65 mph in a 25 mph zone, and evidence showed that she had only briefly hit the brakes before the collision. The LSV had proper lights and was legally allowed to be driven at night. Komoroski, on the other hand, was under the influence of alcohol, admitting to officers that she had consumed alcohol prior to the crash.

As Aric fought for his life in the hospital, Samantha’s tragic fate was revealed. She was found at the crash site, still wearing her wedding dress. The news shattered Lisa’s hope that her daughter had been brought to the hospital alive. Aric suffered broken bones and brain injuries, while the other passengers also sustained injuries, with one in critical condition.

Komoroski now faces charges of drunk driving causing death and reckless vehicular homicide. Her previous history of speeding-related charges raises even more concern. It is a tragic reminder of the devastating consequences of driving under the influence.

In the midst of this heartbreak, two GoFundMe campaigns have been started to help the affected families. Aric’s mother, Annette Hutchinson, started one campaign to cover Samantha’s funeral expenses and medical expenses for Aric, Benjamin, and Brogan. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming, with donations reaching almost $600,000. Samantha’s sister, Mandi, initiated the other campaign to support the family, which has raised approximately $37,000 so far.

Samantha was a fearless and vibrant young woman who lived her last day with unwavering excitement for her future with Aric. The love they shared was evident to all who witnessed their beach wedding. It is a devastating loss, and our hearts go out to Aric and their families during this incredibly difficult time.