A Message of Love and Light from Zoey’s Family

When Zoey was just three years old, her vibrant and playful life took a devastating turn. One day, while playing, she tripped and lost control of both of her hands. Concerned, her family rushed her to the hospital, where they received news that no parent wants to hear. Zoey had been diagnosed with a rare and severe brain tumor known as DIPG.

“It felt like a death sentence,” Zoey’s mother Casey recalled, reflecting on that heartbreaking moment. The family was faced with unimaginable pain and uncertainty, but they vowed to stay strong and resilient for Zoey’s sake. Over the next two years, Zoey would undergo various cancer treatments, including seeking treatment at a radiation therapy facility in Germany.

For a while, Zoey responded well to the treatment, providing a glimmer of hope for her family. However, as time went on, her condition began to worsen, and the unthinkable was on the horizon. On July 4, 2018, surrounded by her loved ones in their American home, Zoey peacefully passed away. It was a moment of profound sadness for her family but also a chance to say their goodbyes and cherish their remaining time together.

In an act of courage and love, Zoey’s mother Casey decided to share their last moments as a family on Facebook. Despite the pain, she saw the beauty in those moments and wanted to keep them alive in her heart and the hearts of others. The picture showed Casey and Ben, Zoey’s parents, embracing their precious daughter as they sat on the couch with their family dog. They had spent the day singing Disney songs, with a Harry Potter movie playing on the television. In the midst of peace and tranquility, Zoey peacefully drifted away.

Through sharing their story on the Facebook page Zoey’s Light, Casey and the rest of the family hope to spread the hope and light that Zoey brought into the world during her short time here. They want Zoey to inspire others to help one another and love fully and gratefully, appreciating each ordinary day.

The loss that Casey and Ben have endured is something no parent should ever have to go through. Their strength and love for their daughter has touched the hearts of many, including those who have been following their journey. Zoey’s memory lives on as an angel watching over all of us, and her light continues to shine bright.

Rest in peace, sweet Zoey. Your love and light will forever be remembered.