Parents Fume over Grinch outside Elementary School Telling Kids ‘Santa is Fake’

A Texas street preacher is receiving backlash for his Grinch-like behavior outside an elementary school, where he insists on telling children that Santa Claus is not real. The man, dressed as the green Dr. Seuss character, has been parading around with a sign that says “Santa is fake, Jesus is real.” Despite facing objections from angry parents and even being approached by the police, the preacher, citing his right to free speech, refuses to back down. Let’s dive into the story of this real-life Grinch who is determined to steal Christmas!

Ruining Christmas for Kids

David Grisham is causing quite a stir at Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas. Earlier this month, he donned a Grinch costume and stood outside the school holding a sign that proclaimed, “Santa is fake, Jesus is real.” Rather than spreading holiday cheer, Grisham’s presence attracted the attention of both furious parents and local police who are familiar with the controversial preacher.

In a YouTube video that mocks Grisham’s views, he can be seen standing on the sidewalk, shouting to children, “Hey Kids! There is no Santa Claus!” Standing beside him is another man dressed as Santa, holding a sign that says, “I sit on a throne of lies.” The video also captures a conversation between Grisham and the police, where he assures them that he has no intention of entering the school property.

The Amarillo Police Department released a statement affirming Grisham’s lawful presence on public property and acknowledging that they receive occasional calls about him from concerned citizens. However, it is clear that parents were not pleased with his actions.

Re-routing Kids

Parents and guardians quickly took action to protect the children from the preacher’s claims. They can be seen in videos herding the children to a different entrance, away from Grisham and his distressing message. Kelsey Williams, the school’s principal, expressed her disappointment, stating that Grisham was “unwanted and uninvited.” She added, “I’m saddened by the fact that some of our kiddos and families were frightened because of him.”

Some members of the online community supported Grisham’s approach, but they were outweighed by the criticism. Netizens accused him of being “selfish,” an “extreme fundamentalist,” and someone who makes all Christians look bad. They argued that spreading the Gospel should be done with love, not through scare tactics that frighten children. Furthermore, they believed that his actions could potentially lead children to reject not only the idea of Santa Claus, but also Christianity as a whole.

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Grisham took to his Facebook page to describe the incident, claiming that the police showed up in force, he was assaulted by a parent, and his sign was torn. He critiqued the society’s commitment to protecting “a lie” and hindering him from exercising his freedom of speech. However, these boasts received negative responses from many social media users, who disagreed with Grisham’s methods and found them incompatible with Christian values.

While a few online users supported him, urging caution in the face of “truth haters,” the overwhelming sentiment was against Grisham’s actions. Despite the criticism, he remained undeterred and announced his intention to continue his preaching.

Children Deserve Belief in Christmas Magic

In a diverse world, it is essential to respect the beliefs and traditions of others, especially during the holiday season. Children deserve the joy and wonder of Christmas until they are ready to learn the truth. It is not the place of anyone, other than parents or guardians, to dictate what a child should believe. Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments below, and remember to cherish the magic of Christmas!

Grinch Costume

“You shouldn’t lie to children.” – David Grisham