Husband Thinks Wife Should Apologize To Her Doctor For Cursing At Him While Giving Birth

Husband Thinks Wife Should Apologize To Her Doctor For Cursing At Him While Giving Birth

We’ve all been in situations where we might not behave as politely as we normally would. And when it comes to being in pain, well, sometimes a few choice words slip out. Swearing, as it turns out, can even increase pain tolerance. But what happens when those words are directed at someone else? That’s the question one Redditor raised when she wondered if she should apologize to her doctor for cursing at him while giving birth.

The woman explained that she had been in labor for a grueling 30 hours. Exhausted and in immense pain, she let out a frustrated exclamation of “Jesus f*****g Christ”. In response, her doctor admonished her, saying, “Do not use the Lord’s name in vain.” This led the woman to respond with more choice words, causing the doctor to remain silent for the rest of the birth.

Feeling guilty about her outburst, the woman turned to the Reddit community for advice. Should she send an apology note to her doctor? The overwhelming response from commenters was that she was not in the wrong. Swearing during labor is a common occurrence, and her doctor’s religious beliefs should not have influenced his response.

When it comes to apologies, it’s important to remember that taking responsibility for our own actions doesn’t mean the entire conflict was our fault. Verywell Mind suggests that apologizing for our part in a disagreement can be a cathartic and boundary-setting experience. It allows us to express discomfort with the impact of our words while still acknowledging our own boundaries.

In defense of swear words, Melissa Mohr, author of “Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing,” explains that they serve unique functions that other words often fail to capture. Swearing allows us to express extreme emotions, both negative and positive. It can offer catharsis and can even strengthen social bonds within groups.

So, should the woman apologize to her doctor? The consensus seems to be no. Swearing during labor is understandable, and a doctor should be immune to such language. After all, their priority should be the well-being of their patients, regardless of their own religious beliefs or personal preferences.

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