Ellen DeGeneres’ New Chapter: Celebrating 15 Years of Marriage and Exploring New Ventures

Ellen DeGeneres celebrated 15 years of marriage to Portia de Rossi – their life after 'Ellen' show has not been the same

Ellen DeGeneres, beloved talk show host, recently bid farewell to her iconic show after 19 seasons. Ever since, fans have been curious about what’s next for her. Well, as she celebrates 15 years of marriage to her wife, Portia DeRossi, it’s becoming clear what the former talk show host has been up to. Let’s dive into Ellen’s exciting new chapter.

A Milestone Anniversary!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi recently reached a major milestone in their relationship – celebrating 15 years of marriage. To honor this special occasion, Ellen took to Instagram, sharing a heartwarming post about her wife. The post showcased a picture of the couple striking identical poses on a boat, with Ellen expressing her deep love and gratitude: “To my wife of 15 years – I fall more in love with you every day. My life is blessed because you’re in it. Happy anniversary!”

The post received an outpouring of love and well wishes from friends and fans alike, congratulating the couple on their wedding anniversary.

Ellen and Portia on a Boat

What’s Next for Ellen?

With the end of her talk show, many wondered if Ellen DeGeneres would retire or take a break. But fear not! Ellen is still very active in her career and has no plans of slowing down. While she may have stepped away from acting for the moment, she is involved in various projects and ventures. From her upcoming documentary as part of her Discovery deal to her own brands, Ellen continues to make her mark.

Furthermore, Ellen and Portia have made significant investments in real estate, particularly in Montecito, California. The couple recently purchased a grand Spanish-style home and has been devoting time to making it their dream residence. Their love for animals is evident as well, with Ellen and Portia actively contributing through donations and hands-on volunteer work.

Ellen and Portia's New Home

Cherishing Life at Home

With the end of the talk show, Ellen now has more time for travel and personal pursuits. She recently took a trip to Europe, embracing new adventures and experiences. Additionally, Ellen opened up about her $70 million estate in the Montecito Journal’s The RIV Magazine, offering fans a glimpse into her home.

Throughout their relationship, Ellen and Portia have lived in over two dozen homes. Having finally found their “forever home,” both women couldn’t be happier. Ellen describes the search for their current home as a process of deliberation, given the breathtaking location and the need to renovate the house to suit their taste.

Ellen and Portia at Home

A Team Effort with Endless Possibilities

When it comes to making decisions about their properties, Ellen and Portia are perfectly aligned. Ellen’s passion for houses and Portia’s love for horses create a seamless partnership. They respect each other’s interests and provide each other the freedom to make final calls. Ellen humorously shared, “She’s as passionate about horses as I am about houses. But we don’t delve into each other’s silos. In fact, I can’t really get her to go into a furniture store with me. Unless there’s a horse in there somewhere.”

Earlier this year, for Portia’s 50th birthday, the couple renewed their vows, giving us a special glimpse of their forever home. Portia expressed her excitement about having a place they can truly call home after multiple relocations in the past eight years.

Ellen and Portia Renewing Vows

Embracing the Future

As Ellen DeGeneres embarks on this new chapter, we can’t help but admire her spirit and drive. Even after bidding farewell to her talk show, she continues to explore new opportunities, advocate for animal welfare, and cherish the joys of married life alongside her loving wife, Portia DeRossi.

We wish Ellen all the best in her future endeavors and eagerly await what she has in store for us next!


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