The Unconventional Life of Amou Haji: A Fascinating Tale


In a world of billions, there are individuals who live lives so vastly different from ours that it can be hard to imagine. One such remarkable story is that of Amou Haji, a man who chose to live life very differently. Buckle up as we take you on a journey into the unconventional life of Amou Haji.

The Man Who Forwent a Shower

For 67 years, Amou Haji, a hermit from Iran, decided to forgo a shower or bathing altogether. While many people have different opinions on the frequency of showering, the idea of regular hygiene remains universal. But not for Amou Haji, who had his own serious reasons for his peculiar choice.

A Life of Simplicity

Living in the village of Dez Gah, Iran, Amou Haji was born in 1928 and was widely known as ‘Amou Haji,’ which means ‘old man’ in his native language. He resided in a cinderblock home on the outskirts of the village, where people respected his presence despite his unconventional lifestyle.

A Unique Approach to Hygiene

Amou Haji’s approach to hygiene was far from conventional. The only ‘hygiene’ he practiced was burning off the hair on his head and beard with fire whenever he felt it was getting too long. As a result, his skin and hair were of a uniform grey color, making him instantly recognizable.

A Surprisingly Healthy Life

Despite his questionable hygiene habits, Amou Haji managed to live a surprisingly healthy life. He reached a whopping 94 years old before passing away. While some speculated that his aversion to water stemmed from a fear, he had no qualms when it came to drinking it. In fact, he consumed up to 5 liters of water daily from a dirty tin can.

A Unique Diet and Unconventional Habits

Amou Haji had a unique and unconventional diet. He preferred to scavenge and hunt for his own food, even though others offered him fresh meals. His favorite delicacy was roadkill, and he had no reservations about consuming it raw, regardless of its freshness or state of decay. He even had a pipe in which he smoked animal dung – a habit that he enjoyed alongside his fondness for cigarettes.

A Health Mystery Unveiled

Despite his questionable hygiene, peculiar diet, and unconventional habits, Amou Haji amazed everyone with his relatively good health. Dr. Gholamreza Molavi, from Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Public Health, conducted tests on Amou Haji before his passing. These tests revealed that, apart from contracting trichinosis, a parasitic disease commonly associated with consuming contaminated meat, his overall health remained resilient.

Reflections on an Unconventional Life

The life of Amou Haji is undoubtedly fascinating, leaving us with both questions and admiration. What are your thoughts on his journey? Did it challenge your perceptions? Share your comments and join the discussion! Don’t forget to share this captivating story with others who enjoy tales of unique individuals.