My Husband’s Outrageous Christmas Gift: How I Got My Revenge

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a challenge, especially when you’re on a tight budget. For years, my husband and I had agreed not to exchange gifts, choosing instead to focus on our children and in-laws. But one Christmas, my husband surprised me with a gift that left me outraged.

About ten days before Christmas, my husband arrived home with a large box. Excitedly, he proclaimed that he had found the perfect gift for me. Something in my gut told me that this gift wasn’t meant for me, but I tried to ignore those feelings.

Christmas Eve arrived, and we gathered around the tree to open our presents. My husband urged me to open his gift first, promising that I would love it. With a sense of dread, I unwrapped the box to reveal a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. I was livid.

You see, we had hardwood and linoleum floors, and I had always been content with sweeping and mopping. I didn’t need such a practical gift. It became clear that the vacuum cleaner was something my husband wanted for himself. I would have appreciated even a cheap necklace over this thoughtless present.

That night, I couldn’t even bear to look at my husband. I slept in the living room instead of going to bed with him. When he confronted me about my behavior, he accused me of being selfish. According to him, gifts were meant for the whole family, not for individual desires.

His words only fueled my determination to seek revenge. I stayed awake that night, plotting my payback. It would take a year, but I was willing to wait.

Sweet Payback Against Her Husband

The next Christmas, I found the perfect revenge gift. It was a huge box, and I knew it would catch my husband’s attention. I placed it under the tree, waiting for the perfect moment.

As we gathered to open presents, my husband’s eyes lit up when he saw the big box with his name on it. He eagerly tore into the wrapping, only to be met with a case of toilet paper. I quoted his own words back to him: “Christmas is for what we need as a family, not necessarily what we individually want.”

He complained to everyone about his gift, but no one sympathized with him. In fact, they all agreed that he had deserved it. My bold move taught him a valuable lesson. From that day forward, no husband in our family ever dared to give their wife a practical gift like a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

People React to the Woman’s Story

When I shared my story on Reddit, I was amazed to see how many others had experienced similar gift-related frustrations. One woman received an alarm clock from her husband because his alarm clock was broken. Another woman’s father-in-law gave his wife a mop, only for her to find an expensive necklace hanging from the mop handle.

One person shared a tale of their dad gifting their mom a lawn mower for her birthday, only to try and take it with him when they separated. The mom stood her ground, declaring it a birthday present. Eventually, he ended up bringing the lawn mower back to her after mowing his girlfriend’s lawn.

Curious if my husband had learned his lesson after my toilet paper revenge, someone asked if he had improved his gift-giving. Sadly, I had to admit that he never gave me another gift after that. Two years later, he passed away.

My story resonated with others, prompting them to share their own Christmas gift horror stories. It became clear that thoughtlessness in gift-giving is sadly a common occurrence. But hopefully, my story will serve as a reminder to consider the true meaning of Christmas and give gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful for our loved ones.