Can a Toxic Mother-in-Law Ruin a Relationship?

A woman recently shared her story on Reddit, questioning if she was in the wrong for giving her husband an ultimatum. This raises the concern of how a toxic mother-in-law can potentially ruin a relationship between a couple.

The woman explained that she had been dating her husband for five years before they got married. However, she was unaware of the ‘toxic’ relationship between her husband and his mother until after they tied the knot.

Fast forward to the sixth month of pregnancy, the woman found herself without any help from her husband in preparing for the arrival of their child. Every time she asked him for assistance, he would prioritize his mother over her. She expressed her frustration, saying, “My husband is a complete momma’s boy. He talks to his mother for hours, spends more time with her than with me.”

This revelation came as a shock to her. She couldn’t believe her husband would prioritize his mother over their relationship. Despite her disappointment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and prepare for the baby’s arrival by herself. However, things took another unexpected turn when her mother-in-law called her, claiming victory as if they were in a battle for her son’s affection.

This left the woman stunned and made her suspect that her mother-in-law was purposely competing with her. She started considering giving her husband an ultimatum since things were only going to get worse from that point onward.

On their anniversary, the woman bought her husband a gift and prepared his favorite meal. She anticipated that he would reciprocate the gesture, but her hopes were shattered when he simply changed his clothes and announced that he had to go out. She called him later, only to find out that he was at his mother’s place.

The majority of redditors advised the woman to have a conversation with her husband once again, emphasizing that his relationship with his mother was unusual and unhealthy. When she finally confronted him, he defended his closeness with his mother, stating that she meant a lot to him. Realizing that her mother-in-law was unlikely to change, she issued an ultimatum: her husband must spend more time with her or face divorce.

This ultimatum served as a wake-up call for her husband, who vowed to make changes. As for the mother-in-law, the woman made it clear that if she continued manipulating her son and monopolizing his time, she would not allow her to see her grandchild.

In the end, the woman turned to others for insight, questioning if her actions made her in the wrong.