Brad Pitt Finds Love After Divorce

Brad Pitt has found love again

Brad Pitt, once considered the most eligible bachelor on Earth, has found love again after his heartbreaking divorce from Angelina Jolie. The 60-year-old actor is now dating Ines de Ramon, and according to insiders, she makes him “very happy.”

Pitt and de Ramon had planned a low-key celebration for Pitt’s 60th birthday, showing the strong bond between them. This relationship is said to be Brad’s first proper one since his divorce from Jolie. He even introduces de Ramon as his girlfriend, a clear sign that he is in a good place emotionally.

Image: Brad Pitt with Ines de Ramon

Brad Pitt’s marriage to Angelina Jolie was once the stuff of tabloid dreams. But in 2016, they filed for divorce, and the separation was anything but amicable. Jolie sought sole custody of their six children, and the wounds from the breakup still linger.

Recently, an email from Jolie to Pitt was made public, detailing her decision to sell Miraval, a business centered around alcohol. This may be a reference to a past incident where Pitt was accused of being intoxicated and behaving violently towards their children. The couple’s private struggles became public knowledge, adding to the pain Pitt endured.

Image: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Even after the divorce, Pitt faced public scrutiny. His son Pax, in a resurfaced Instagram story, expressed his anger towards his father, labeling him a “f****ing awful human being.” Pax warned that the truth would come to light someday and criticized Pitt for the damage he inflicted on their family.

Despite these challenges, Pitt has found solace in his relationship with de Ramon. She has been a source of support and happiness in his life, leaving him in a much better place than before. Their love story proves that it’s never too late to find love and rebuild one’s life.

Image: Brad Pitt and his son Pax