Husband Tells Pregnant Wife ‘You Know My Mom Comes before You’

A woman who was six months pregnant desperately pleaded with her husband to be more present in their lives to ensure the safety of their unborn child. But what he said next left her astonished and hurt.

The couple had been together for five years before tying the knot, and the woman was already six months pregnant when she turned to Reddit for help. She opened up about her husband’s close relationship with his mother, describing him as a “complete momma’s boy” who would spend hours on the phone or with his mother rather than being there for her.

But it was the incident that led her to post on Reddit that pushed her to the brink. In the sixth month of her pregnancy, the woman urged her husband to spend more time with her, emphasizing the importance of preparing for their child’s arrival. However, instead of understanding her needs, her husband retorted that he needed to prioritize his time with his mother over her.

” You know my mom comes before you,” he said callously.

Left home alone with their baby, the wife received a call from her mother-in-law, gloating about her victory. Hearing her husband giggling in the background only intensified her frustration and hurt.

A few weeks later, on their anniversary, the woman had planned to spend the day doing things her husband enjoyed. But he had other plans. He left abruptly while she was in the bathroom, and when she called to find out where he was, she discovered he was once again with his mother. Fed up with his behavior, she confronted him, comparing his actions to treating her like a girlfriend while his mother gets the attention she deserves as his wife.

The response she received from her husband and mother-in-law was nothing short of dismissive and insulting. They told her to stop being bitter and find something else to do, rather than addressing her legitimate concerns.

With conflicting emotions and unsure if she was in the wrong, the woman turned to the Reddit community for validation and advice. And the overwhelming consensus was clear – she had every right to expect her husband to prioritize their relationship and the well-being of their child over his relationship with his mother.

Some suggested that she should have a heartfelt conversation with her husband to understand his perspective and the reasons behind his actions, while others recommended providing him with an ultimatum if things didn’t change.

In a follow-up post, the woman expressed her gratitude to the supportive Reddit community and acknowledged that things might only get worse if she didn’t take a stand. She contemplated the possibility of divorce if her husband continued to prioritize his mother over their family.

When she shared her intentions with her husband, he broke down and promised to make amends, recognizing the need for a change. The woman’s hope was momentarily restored as she saw a glimmer of change in her husband’s response.

However, she knew she couldn’t ignore the bigger issue – her overbearing mother-in-law. She contemplated discussing the matter directly with her but anticipated being shut down. She emphasized that it wasn’t about winning or losing, but about her mother-in-law understanding the boundaries and consequences of her actions. If she couldn’t respect those boundaries, she would lose visitation rights to her grandchild.

In relationships, particularly during pregnancy, it’s crucial for partners to support and prioritize each other. While it’s natural and healthy to have strong bonds with family members, it’s equally important to establish a balance and ensure the needs of immediate family come first.