Having a Healthy Appetite

It’s no secret that everyone’s metabolism, lifestyle, and overall health differ from one another. Just because someone is slim doesn’t mean they eat less than others. Unfortunately, one woman had to deal with criticism and judgment from her mother-in-law for having a healthy appetite.

A Slim Figure

An anonymous 27-year-old woman shared her story on Reddit, seeking advice and support. She explained that she comes from a family with fast metabolisms. Moreover, her work with horses requires a lot of physical activity, which helps her burn through calories. Despite having big meals to fuel herself, she remains slim beyond her control.

Dinner with the In-Laws

One evening, the woman and her husband were invited to dinner with her in-laws. By the time evening came, the woman was starving. Due to her busy schedule, her last meal was at six in the morning, with no time for snacks in between. As usual, she would have a bite before seeing her mother-in-law to avoid any negative comments, but this time she didn’t get the chance.

The woman ordered a steak, which was meant for sharing. It came with prawns, bacon, and two side dishes. Although it was a dish for two, it wasn’t the most expensive item on the menu. The woman knew that she and her husband would split the bill, so she had no problem ordering it.

Mother-In-Law’s Comments

However, the woman’s mother-in-law couldn’t keep her comments to herself. She started making remarks about how the woman shouldn’t order more than she can eat, emphasizing that even her husband wouldn’t be able to finish the dish, let alone someone of the woman’s size. Instead of getting upset, the woman simply smiled and assured her mother-in-law she would take the leftovers home, if there were any.

Despite devouring her order and waiting for dessert, her mother-in-law became angry. She accused the woman of “putting on a show” and seeking attention. According to her mother-in-law, a woman of her size shouldn’t be eating that much, and her actions made others at the table uncomfortable. To top it off, she demanded that the woman and her husband pay for the entire bill because she didn’t want to spend as much.

Staying Strong

The woman stood up for herself and calmly explained that the bill was meant to be split equally. She reminded her mother-in-law about the pricey dishes she had ordered, which were significantly more expensive compared to the woman’s steak. Thankfully, her husband supported her and understood her perspective. However, other family members made subtle hints on social media and sent the woman articles about excessive eating.

The woman received a lot of support from the Reddit community. Many people shared their own stories and offered words of encouragement. One person even suggested that the checks should be separated, depending on each individual’s order. After all, why should someone be responsible for subsidizing another person’s expensive choices?

Next time you find yourself in a situation like this, remember that your appetite is a personal matter. Don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable or guilty about enjoying a good meal. Stay confident and true to yourself.