A Remarkable Journey: From Prison to Harvard

Girl Who Was Born In Prison 18 Years Ago Defies All The Odds And Will Now Study At Harvard

Can you imagine defying all expectations and securing a place at the renowned Harvard University? Well, that’s exactly what Sky Castner, an 18-year-old girl who was born in a prison, has achieved! Despite facing numerous challenges, Sky’s determination and perseverance have brought her to this incredible milestone.

Sky’s journey began in the Galveston County Jail, where she entered the world. Her mother was incarcerated at the time, and her father, the sole caregiver in her life, took her home to raise her. Since then, Sky’s mother has played no significant role in her upbringing.

Growing up, Sky and her father had to frequently move around, but this did not hinder her ambition to attend Harvard. Last week, she graduated from Conroe High School, where she ranked third in her class. This outstanding achievement has granted her the opportunity to study law at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.

In her application letter to Harvard, Sky boldly declared, “I was born in prison.” This statement reflects her unique background and the challenges she has overcome. Sky’s exceptional academic performance and love for reading were evident from a young age, catching the attention of her elementary school teachers. Recognizing her potential, they recommended additional mentoring to help her fully realize her capabilities.

Enter Mona Hamby, a mentor from CISD’s Project Mentor program. Mona recalls receiving an introductory paper about Sky, where she discovered that Sky admired Rosa Parks, loved tacos from Dairy Queen, and had a passion for reading. This initial connection laid the foundation for a deep bond between the two, as they both navigated life without the presence of their mothers.

Mona’s guidance in selecting glasses, getting a haircut at a salon, and learning to appreciate leisure time in a different environment had a profound impact on Sky. Reflecting on their time together, Sky acknowledges the value of her experiences before meeting Mona, as well as the invaluable lessons she learned from her mentor.

In 2022, Sky had the opportunity to visit Harvard’s campus with Mona and her husband, further igniting her desire to attend the university. Seeking guidance on her application, she turned to Professor James Wallace from Boston University, who helped her tell her unique story in the most compelling way possible.

Sky’s journey from being born in a prison to gaining admission to Harvard is truly inspiring. It’s a testament to her resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in herself. We couldn’t be happier for Sky and her remarkable accomplishments. Join us in celebrating her achievements by sharing this story on Facebook and supporting our efforts to inform and inspire our audience.

Sky Castner
Sky and her mentor, Mona Hamby