Reba McEntire Opens Up About Raising Her Son Shelby

Reba McEntire makes very surprising confession about her son Shelby

Reba McEntire, the popular musician and actress, is known for her down-to-earth personality. Recently, she shared some insights into her family life and how her country upbringing influenced her parenting. Let’s take a closer look at Reba’s parenting approach.

Reba, who grew up on a ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma, has always stayed true to her country roots. She was raised in a family band and even helped with the cattle. Her love for barrel racing and the rodeo runs in the family, as both her father and grandfather were renowned rodeo champions.

Reba McEntire

The values Reba learned during her country upbringing have stayed with her throughout her life. She believes in keeping her word and showing up when you say you will. This is a principle she instilled in her son Shelby, who was born in 1990, when Reba was already a famous figure.

Despite her fame, Reba knew that she had to raise Shelby with caution and ensure he didn’t grow up spoiled. She never let him win at games or cards, teaching him the importance of learning and treating others with respect.

Reba's childhood

Reba wanted Shelby to understand that no one is superior to another and that kindness and humility are important traits to possess. She wanted him to be liked by others and not become a spoiled brat.

Shelby, now a race car driver, has grown up to be a humble and well-liked individual, just as Reba had hoped. People have often commented that they wouldn’t have known about his privileged life, thanks to the values instilled by his mother and father.

Shelby's wedding

Reba admits that before having Shelby, she was a bit self-centered. But once she became a mother, her priorities shifted, and Shelby became the center of her world. She made sure to spend as much time with him as possible, even bringing him along on her concerts and road trips.

She cherishes the moments they spent together, playing and learning, and still wants to be with Shelby as much as she can. Reba is proud of her son, who has ADHD, and admires his constant drive to improve and do better. Despite his challenges, Shelby has become an avid reader in his 30s.

For Reba, raising Shelby was a transformative experience. It shifted her focus from herself to the little character who needed her love, protection, and guidance. She no longer craved attention for herself but found fulfillment in being a nurturing and teaching mother.

Reba was overjoyed when Shelby recently got married to his wife Marissa. The wedding took place at Walt Disney World, and it had a fairytale-like atmosphere. Reba is always supportive and happy for her son’s milestones.

Reba’s parenting approach exemplifies the values she holds dear. By teaching Shelby humility, kindness, and the importance of learning, she has raised a son who is loved and respected by many. Reba’s country upbringing has undoubtedly influenced her parenting style, and it has shaped Shelby into the remarkable person he is today.

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Reba and Shelby