Model Struggles to Find Employment Due to Tattoos

Amber Luke, an Australian model known as “Dragon Girl” due to her extensive body modifications, has been facing challenges when it comes to finding employment. Despite spending nearly $250,000 on her unique appearance, which includes tattoos covering 99% of her body, Amber believes that many companies are shallow-minded and fail to see beyond her image. She feels that her work ethic, morals, values, and the skills she brings to the table are overlooked because of her tattoos.

Amber appeared on the Robin, Terry & Kip radio show in Brisbane, where she candidly spoke about her limited employment options. She expressed her disappointment in the way people pass judgment based solely on her appearance, without considering her as a whole person. However, Amber remains resolute in her stance, refusing to work for a company that cannot look past her tattoos.

Despite the challenges she faces in the job market, Amber remains proud of her unique journey and the physical changes she has undergone. She asserts that her tattoos have not caused harm to anyone and believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinions of beauty. However, she finds it distressing when people openly express negative opinions about her appearance without any regard for the impact it may have on her.

Amber’s transformation has not been without pain and emotional challenges. She recalls the intense discomfort she experienced when getting her eyeballs tattooed, causing her to sob tears of vivid blue. Although the procedure put her off body modifications momentarily, she has since undergone other changes, including butt lifts and breast augmentation.

Amber’s journey of self-discovery and transformation has garnered attention on social media. She recently shared a photo of her younger self, expressing the depression and self-hatred she experienced at that time. But now, she is proud of the strong woman she has become and no longer allows negative opinions to define her.

In addition to her tattoos, Amber is also pleased with the modifications she has made to her teeth. She believes they enhance her unique appearance, particularly her “dragon eyes.” From extended and sharpened fangs to a VVS white gold tooth, Amber’s dental modifications are another aspect of her transformation.

Amber Luke’s story is a testament to embracing one’s uniqueness and owning it with pride. Despite the challenges she has faced in her search for employment, she remains confident in her skills, values, and worth beyond her tattoos. It is a reminder that true beauty comes in many forms, and it is important to look beyond appearances and embrace the individual behind the ink.