Dealing with an Itch

A funny incident happened in a classroom one day. A young boy at the back of the class was fidgeting, scratching his crotch, and not paying attention. Concerned, the teacher decided to investigate.

She approached the boy discreetly and asked him what was going on. The boy, feeling embarrassed, whispered to her that he had recently been circumcised and was experiencing itchiness in that area.

Understanding his predicament, the teacher came up with a solution. She advised him to go down to the principal’s office and call his mother to seek advice on how to deal with the itchiness.

The boy followed the teacher’s suggestion and left the classroom to make the phone call. After a while, he returned to the class. However, there was suddenly a commotion at the back of the room.

Alarmed, the teacher rushed back to see what was happening. To her surprise, she found the boy sitting at his desk with his penis hanging out!

Shocked, the teacher exclaimed, “I told you to call your mom!”

The nonchalant reply from the boy left the teacher speechless. He said, “I did call her, and she told me that if I could hold out until noon, she would come and pick me up from school.”

Sometimes, even the most innocent conversations can lead to unexpected situations. It’s important to remember that children may interpret information in their own unique way.