Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About That Shocking Sex Scene

Remember that scandalous sex scene between Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm in The Morning Show? Well, Jennifer Aniston, now 54 years old, is finally addressing it, and her confession might surprise you.

Jennifer Aniston’s surprising sex scene confession

In an interview with Variety, Aniston revealed that she and Hamm were offered an intimacy coordinator for the scene, but she declined. “I’m from the olden days,” Aniston joked. “We’re seasoned — we can figure this one out.” She explained that an intimacy coordinator is someone who checks in with the actors to make sure they are comfortable during intimate scenes.

Aniston went on to discuss her long-standing friendship and collaboration with her co-star, Reese Witherspoon, saying, “We’ve been in each other’s lives for 20-something years. It’s just in our DNA that we are collaborators. We’re partners. We’re friends.”

The conversation turned to the show’s incorporation of real-world events, such as the January 6 insurrection. When asked about the possibility of featuring the Israel-Hamas war in the next season, Witherspoon stated, “It has not come up.”

Aniston and Witherspoon also addressed the question of whether the show can be considered “campy.” Witherspoon responded, “I don’t have a good perspective about that. I love Dynasty. I love powerful women in great outfits having a verbal argument.” Aniston added, “Give me some good Below Deck Down Under. That’s all I can digest sometimes!”

The episode of The Morning Show that featured the controversial sex scene was called “The Stanford Student.” In the scene, Aniston’s character, Alex Levy, is seen lying naked on top of tech billionaire Paul Mark, played by Hamm. Fans went wild on social media, with one viewer comparing it to Aniston’s iconic on-screen kisses from her role in Friends, saying, “Jennifer Aniston hasn’t had an on-screen kiss like this since Ross and Rachel.”

Aniston shared that she has known Jon Hamm for a long time and described their on-screen experience as “fun.” She praised Hamm for being a gentleman throughout the filming process.

The director and executive producer, Mimi Leder, emphasized their intention to create a sensitive, sexy, adult, and emotional scene. It was filmed on a closed set, allowing Aniston and Hamm the privacy to fully immerse themselves in their characters.

It’s clear that Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm’s chemistry on-screen was undeniable. As fans eagerly await the next season of The Morning Show, we can only hope for more captivating performances from this talented duo.