Donny Osmond Shares Emotional Moment With Brother at His Last Concert

Donny Osmond, a beloved singer and actor, started his career as part of a family act with his four older brothers. Even after venturing into a solo career, Donny has always supported his brothers in every aspect of their lives.

Recently, Donny’s older brother Merrill Osmond announced his last-ever concert, and Donny made sure to be there to witness the legendary performance. Donny shared a photo of a touching moment on stage, where he hugged his older brother tightly from behind.

In the caption, Donny expressed how unforgettable the night was for him. He turned into a fan himself while watching Merrill’s performance and singing along with the other fans. At the end of the show, Merrill asked Donny to join him on stage, and as Merrill sang his closing song, Donny couldn’t help but give his brother a farewell hug. Donny acknowledged that it took all of them to create The Osmonds, but it was Merrill’s voice that shaped their sound.

This heartfelt moment between the two brothers is truly heartwarming. Donny’s presence at Merrill’s last concert in Las Vegas demonstrates the deep bond they share as brothers and performers. Donny’s caption also pays tribute to Merrill’s significant contributions to his own successful career.

Donny and his four older brothers performed together as “The Osmonds” for many years, gaining immense fame in the mid-1970s. In 2003, they were honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their remarkable contributions to music.

The unwavering support between these brothers is truly inspiring. Donny’s gesture of support during Merrill’s last concert is a testament to their close relationship. Share this beautiful moment between these two brothers with your loved ones and let it warm their hearts.