Teaching Kids Responsibility and Independence

In today’s society, there are still certain tasks that are categorized as being “for boys” or “for girls.” Boys are often encouraged to be hands-on with tools and participate in sports, while girls are expected to know how to cook, clean, and do laundry. However, a mother from Michigan named Nicole Boulogne faced criticism when she posted pictures online of her 7-year-old son doing household chores like washing dishes and cleaning the house. People questioned her parenting, arguing that these tasks were meant to be done by women.

Nicole, a single mother of two, believes in teaching her children to be independent. Even though she takes care of everything around the house, she understands the importance of teaching her kids how to do things on their own. Her elder child is already capable of doing basic housework, yard work, and even cooking. Nicole intends to teach her younger child, who is still a toddler, these skills as well when she gets older.

When asked why she teaches her child these tasks, Nicole has a powerful response. She says, “I teach my kid how to cook and take care of the house because these skills are not limited to women. He could one day be a single man living alone, who is capable of doing laundry and doesn’t rely on delivery every night. He might want to impress a significant other someday with a meal they made together. And he will eventually need to help out around the house when he has kids and a marriage. By teaching these skills, I am preparing him to contribute to society both within and beyond the home.”

Nicole believes that parents have a responsibility to teach their children valuable life skills while still allowing them to be children. For her, cooking and household duties are never seen as too “manly.” She wants her son to be the kind of man who can check on his pot roast after changing a tire, someone who can mow the grass and do laundry at the same time. She emphasizes that a man who thinks he shouldn’t have to cook or clean up after himself was once a child who wasn’t taught any better.

Research supports Nicole’s teaching methods. Studies show that children who are allowed to help around the house develop a sense of responsibility, learn to take calculated risks, and achieve their goals. By teaching her son these skills, Nicole is setting him up for success in both his personal and professional life.

Nicole Boulogne, we applaud you for being a fantastic mom. Your commitment to teaching your child independence and responsibility is truly admirable.