I Didn’t Invite My Daughter-in-Law For A Family Trip And I Think It Was Right

A group of women, including a mother and her daughters, enjoyed going on girls’ trips together. However, they faced a dilemma when it came to including the mother’s daughter-in-law, Beth, in their outings. Beth’s weight gain after having a child made it difficult for her to keep up with the group’s activities, often requiring frequent breaks and hindering their fun.

The mother explained, “I have three girls, and we still like to do girl trips for the day. My son got married to a girl named Beth. Her only kid is 8 years old at this point, and she hasn’t lost the weight.”

Since Beth’s weight affected her mobility, the mother found it challenging to include her on the trips. On their last trip to the mall, Beth had wanted to sit on a bench most of the day. Taking these factors into consideration, the mother decided not to invite Beth on their recent outing to a farm for a pumpkin patch and apple picking, as it involved a lot of walking around extensive orchards.

However, Beth noticed the pictures from the trip on Facebook and called the mother to inquire about why she hadn’t been invited. The mother opted to lie and said it was just a family trip. But Beth saw through the lie and called her out on it. Frustrated, the mother admitted the real reason and explained that Beth’s weight and need for frequent breaks had affected their previous trips as well.

Beth was horrified and called the mother a “jerk” before hanging up. Subsequently, the mother’s son texted her, insisting that she apologize to Beth. However, the mother’s daughters supported her decision, as they were tired of their trips being disrupted by Beth’s limitations.

To seek unbiased opinions, the mother turned to Reddit, where users weighed in on the situation. While some disagreed with the mother’s exclusion of Beth, many felt that she had made the right choice but should have framed it better. One Reddit user empathized with the mother and believed that Beth’s questioning of the exclusion was unwarranted. They also suggested that Beth should have accepted her mother-in-law’s explanation instead of accusing her of lying.

Another user mentioned that it would be reasonable for Beth to accept exclusion from physically demanding activities or find ways to participate more comfortably. They also emphasized the importance of Beth’s attitude in determining her future involvement in family activities. Someone else shared their personal experience, highlighting that they would opt out of activities that involved a lot of physicality due to weight gain.

While the Reddit community agreed that Beth should use common sense when accepting invitations from her mother-in-law, they felt that the mother could have phrased her decision better to spare Beth’s feelings. Instead of focusing on her weight, it was suggested that the mother frame it as a concern for Beth’s well-being.

Although opinions were divided, one thing that stood out was the need for open communication and understanding. It became clear that the issue wasn’t solely about Beth’s weight but also her fitness level. The mother needed to consider whether her concerns were based on weight or overall fitness and adjust her approach accordingly.

In conclusion, the mother’s decision to exclude her daughter-in-law from the family trip was justified considering the impact of Beth’s weight on their previous outings. While there were differing opinions on Reddit, most users believed that better communication and framing could have avoided hurting Beth’s feelings. It is essential for both parties to find a balance and prioritize understanding and inclusivity in family activities.