Flight Attendant Saves Young Girl from Trafficking

Shelia Frederick, a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines, recently had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right when she encountered a young girl and an elderly man on a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. The girl seemed hesitant and avoided eye contact, while the man appeared more well-dressed. Shelia couldn’t shake her uneasiness and decided to take action. Little did she know that her bravery would save the young girl from a terrible fate.

While serving snacks on the plane, Shelia tried to make eye contact with the girl, but she was unsuccessful. She shared her concerns with a coworker and together they devised a plan. Shelia would try to capture the girl’s attention while her coworker diverted the man’s focus. With a sense of urgency, Shelia locked one of the plane’s bathrooms and placed a piece of paper and a pencil inside, intending to only unlock it for the girl.

Finally, the girl looked up and Shelia could see the sadness in her eyes. She excused herself and went to the back of the plane, where she couldn’t contain her emotions any longer. She broke down, overwhelmed by the situation. But she didn’t give up. Shelia gestured towards the bathroom, mouthing the word “restroom” and miming writing. She hoped the girl would understand.

Fortunately, the girl found an opportunity to excuse herself and visit the restroom. The man stayed by her side, but Shelia made sure to keep a close eye on him. Inside the bathroom, the girl found the note and wrote back, revealing her desperate need for help. Shelia immediately informed the pilot, who arranged for authorities to meet the man upon landing.

The courageous flight attendant’s actions saved the young girl from human trafficking. Shelia’s story has since garnered attention, and she has become a role model for trusting one’s instincts and taking action. The rescued girl has remained in touch with Shelia, even attending college. This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder for all of us to be vigilant and look out for one another.

Shelia Frederick’s bravery and compassion are an inspiration to us all. Let’s share her story and honor her for making a difference in this world.