A Heartbreaking Loss and an Inspiring Initiative: The Purple Butterfly Sticker

When Millie Smith and Lewis Cann were expecting twins, they couldn’t contain their excitement. But their joy soon turned bittersweet when they learned that one of their daughters had a fatal disorder called anencephaly. They were informed that she only had a few minutes or hours to live. In those precious moments, her parents decided to name her Skye, symbolizing a place where they could always remember her.

Skye only lived for three hours, but her parents cherished every moment they had with her. However, after she passed away, Millie noticed that no one talked about her anymore. It seemed as if her baby never even existed. This made Millie feel angry and isolated in her grief.

To prevent others from experiencing the same pain, Millie came up with a brilliant idea. She decided to put a purple butterfly sticker on the incubators of babies who had lost one or more siblings in a set of multiples. The butterfly signified the babies that “flew away,” and the color purple was chosen because it is suitable for both boys and girls.

This simple initiative grew into the Skye High Foundation, which supports the purple butterfly campaign. The foundation has spread the idea to hospitals in different countries, helping parents cope with their loss. The purple butterfly merchandise, including gifts and accessories, serves as a reminder of these brave little souls.

Millie’s mission is clear: she can’t stop these heartbreaking losses from happening, but she can provide support and understanding to those who have experienced them. She believes that the more support groups and initiatives like the purple butterfly stickers are in place, the better equipped parents will be to navigate this difficult journey.

Today, Millie’s other daughter, Callie, is seven years old, a constant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of a mother’s love. The purple butterfly initiative continues to touch the lives of families around the world, offering solace and a sense of community in times of grief.