The Heartwarming Story of a Woman Who Inherited Her Rental Home

When we think about what happens when a landlord passes away, we often imagine the usual scenarios: either the lease is honored or extended, allowing the tenant to stay, or the lease is cancelled and the tenant has to find a new place to live. But for 75-year-old Jane Sayner, it was a different story.

For over two decades, Jane has called St. Albans, Melbourne, Australia, her home. She rented a two-bedroom apartment from multimillionaire John Perrett for AUD$250 a week, and she had been paying the same amount all those years. However, when John passed away in September 2020, Jane’s life took an unexpected turn.

John Perrett was a generous man who never got married or had children. Instead, he chose to donate a significant portion of his fortune to the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s Nephrology Department. In his will, he left two properties to his long-term tenants, Jane being one of them. And so, Jane found out that the house she had been renting for so many years was now hers.

The news came as a surprise to Jane. She recalled the day when John called her to ask for her full name, mentioning that he was leaving her the unit. At first, she couldn’t believe it. For as long as she had known John, he had always talked about leaving his money to charity. But now, she was the proud owner of the two-bedroom apartment she had called home for so long.

Jane had always treated the place like her own. She had planted a beautiful garden with plants and flowers that still thrive today. John even contributed to the cozy atmosphere by bringing her old pots from his father, encouraging her to grow more plants. Their relationship went beyond the usual landlord-tenant dynamic; they were friends.

Losing John was undoubtedly a heartbreaking experience for Jane, but knowing that she now owned the place brought her a sense of relief. She had invested so much love and care into making it truly hers. It’s a bittersweet ending to her twenty-year tenancy, but also a heartwarming tale of friendship and unexpected blessings.

So next time you think about what might happen if your landlord passes away, remember Jane’s story. It’s a reminder that life can sometimes bring us unexpected and wonderful surprises.