A Simple Nail, A Powerful Symbol: Ending the Abuse of Children

A Chance Encounter That Changed Everything

A chance encounter with a little girl named Thea in Cambodia had a profound impact on Elliot Costello. Little did he know that this meeting would ignite a fire within him, compelling him to launch a crusade against the sexual abuse of minors.

Thea, with her nails painted every day, innocently asked Elliot to paint one of his nails during their conversation. Delighted to engage with the chatty girl, he accepted, unaware of the painful truth she carried. Thea had experienced sexual assault.

Moved by her story, Elliot made a promise to himself. As Thea painted his nail, he assured her that he would always keep it that way, in remembrance of her and the suffering she endured.

The Birth of #PolishedMan

Inspired by Thea, Elliot set out to change men’s attitudes and reduce the number of children who fall victim to sexual abuse. He created the #PolishedMan movement, urging men to paint one of their nails. This single painted nail symbolizes the one in five children who will experience sexual assault.

Challenging Violent Behavior and Language

The goal of Polished Man is to end sexual violence against children. Elliot emphasizes the need for men to take responsibility for their actions, as they are responsible for 96% of these heinous acts globally. To truly combat child abuse, men must become the driving force behind reform.

Sparking Discussion and Inspiring Change

The painted nail serves as more than just a visual reminder of the issue at hand. It is a catalyst for conversation about the prevalence of child abuse and a call to action for innovative preventive strategies. Moreover, Elliot urges people to donate to support educational programs and resources for child survivors of abuse.

Join the Movement

We implore all men, including those in the public eye, to stand up and support this cause. Let us create a world where children are safe from the horrors of abuse.

Together, we can break the cycle and protect the innocence of our future generations.

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